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Commission discusses dogs, levies and ferry

By Staff | Jun 11, 2014

Tyler County Commission President, John Stender, is pictured accepting a $15,000 grant on June 3, which was secured by Senator Larry Edgell. The grant is is to be used for the Sistersville Ferry. The Tyler County Commission is the fiscal agent for the ferry. Pictured left to right are: Delegate Roger Romine, Eric Peters, John Stender and Larry Edgell.

A couple matters regarding dogs came before the Tyler County Commission during their May 27 meeting.

The commissioners held a discussion on Dog Breeder Permits, there are two classes. Class I is for breeders with 11 to 30 dogs with an age of at least one. The permit fee would be $250. For Class II, over 30 dogs, the permit fee would be $500. There is a letter from the state which includes the state code #19-20-26 to pass the fees and the letter is open to the public. Assessor Jack Hayes said he knows of at least three breeders in the county with the number of dogs to qualify.

Hayes said the vicious dog license fee cannot be changed without a set of guidelines set in place to define vicious dogs. You cannot change the fees without those guidelines. A motion was made by Commissioner Eric Vincent to table the issue for further discussion, Commissioner Pork Smith seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

In other matters, the levy rates from the April 15, meeting were approved unanimously.

The commissioners also approved the appointment of Brian Weigle to another four-year term to the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board. His new appointment will expire in June 2018.

The commission approved an agreement between the Tyler County Commission and the Tyler County Board of Education, plus the City of Middlebourne, to proceed with the construction of a parking lot at the Stealey Green Center near the old Board of Education office. The parking lot is to help ease the parking problems near the courthouse and to provide more parking for events at the old school.

Brad Crawford was approved for reappointment to the W.Va. Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority. The new term will expire in June 2018. The board also approved the rental agreement of $8,400 for the Wetzel/Tyler Health Department, which is no increase from previous years.

The commission passed a resolution for the Sistersville Ferry Grant with the Tyler County Commission to be the fiscal agent. Motion made by Eric Vincent and seconded by Pork Smith; it passed unanimously.

Sheriff Bob Kendle told the commission Scott Dalrymple has been promoted to Corporal, stating he does an excellent job. The commission said they would send a letter commending Dalrymple on a well-deserved promotion.

Commission President John Stender reported the E-911 disbursement of $89,083 has been received. He also said Josh Fulks of 911 had checked on fees to nearby Wetzel County and found an additional $18,000. Fulks was commended on a job well done.

Stender also said Prosecutor Luke Furbee recommends the commission attend the W.Va. Regional Jail meeting in Doddridge County on July 17.

According to Stender, the tractor has been received for the 4-H grounds and does a really good job.

Jack Hayes said Frontier Communications would be at the courthouse that afternoon to start hookups for the new phone system and would like to do training for the employees on phones starting next week. He said at the Magistrate office there must be an entrance to come into the basement for the lines and Frontier can do a quote on the cost. Approval was given for the work to begin.

Lisa Stackpole called to question the progress of air conditioning service at the prosecutor’s office. Vincent said he will check with Valley Plumbing.