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Three seek Third Ward seat

By Staff | Jun 4, 2014


The Tyler Star News mailed questions to all political candidates in Paden City’s Municipal Election to be held Thursday, June 5. Their responses are being printed in alphabetical order.

Robert “Bob” G. Postlethwait, Eileen Smittle, and Jeffrey Stewart are seeking to serve the Third Ward of Paden City.

While we will, of course, print the election results in next week’s newspaper, you will also be able to find the results on our website, www.tylerstarnews.com, and via our Facebook the night of the election.

Postlethwait is a 1976 graduate of Paden City High School and received an associate arts degree in pre-communications from West Virginia Northern Community College, New Martinsville, in 1979. He moved to Tuscaloosa, Ala., that same year and joined the Tuscaloosa City Police Department in 1981, working there 22 years until his retirement in 2003. Postlethwait moved back to Paden City in 2007 and has been here since. He has two children living in Tuscaloosa-Sabrina, 33, and Rob, 24. He is currently married to the former Susan Trowbridge and they are raising her three children-Lexy, 16; Niko, 14; and Anya, 12-here in town.

Smittle has lived in Paden City since 1939 and is a member of the Paden City Christian Church. Smittle’s family includes four children, six grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.


Smittle served 12 years as mayor of Paden City, 13 years as council-woman and has served as a Park and Pool Commissioner. Smittle served as secretary of the Mid-Ohio Valley Mayors Association, was treasurer of the Paden City Emergency Squad, member of the Paden City Fire Department Auxiliary, Paden City Flag Committee, member of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 86, VFW Auxiliary of Sistersville, and Wetzel County Democrat Women’s Club.

Stewart did not provide a biography.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Paden City, and if elected, what would you do to address it?

Postlethwait: Paden City’s biggest challenge is keeping businesses located here. A slow economy is devastating the landscape of our community. As an elected official, I would try to get involved with out of town entities and business owners and do whatever necessary to promote Paden City as a community with a storied past and the potential for a solid future.

Smittle: I feel the biggest challenge is the disrepair of our town’s streets. Many people have voiced concerns to me regarding the issues of holes and previous patch work on our streets. Safety of our citizens on the streets, whether walking or bicycling, is a concern. I will work with the mayor and street committee and utilize my experience to get as many issues resolved as possible.


Stewart: Having all the city government offices working together. Just through personal experience, I see the different offices having their own agenda, not always to the benefit of the people. The elected officials are there for the city people.

Elaborate three main

reasons you should fill/keep this position.

Postlethwait: Paden City is where I grew up and got my education. I would love to continue to fight to keep our high school flourishing and give the youth of our town the opportunity to get their education here as I did. As a retired police officer, I could offer a career of knowledge and experience to our city as far as helping to establish standard operating procedure for our police force as well as assisting in its development. But most importantly, getting to know the people and the issues they face every day would be the biggest priority. City officials can’t do their jobs if they are not in tune with the townspeople.

Smittle: 1. I care about the people of Paden City and know from my years of experience how to listen to their needs and concerns. 2. I am willing to work hard and use my abilities for the betterment of our town. 3. I will be fair and will treat everyone the same.

Stewart: 1. The third ward is in need of someone to take their concerns and issues before the city. Be willing to listen and take their problems to meetings and communicate results. 2. Very active in the schools and youth organizations. Familiar with some of the needs. 3. Management and peoples skills that could benefits the city. I have 30 years of people management and skills of running businesses.

What would you do with a $10,000 gift to the city if it was completely up to you, and why would you use it in that manner?

Postlethwait: A gift such as $10,000 would be a great start helping to alleviate the city’s debts. No community wants to constantly face a budget to the deficit.

Smittle: I would put this money towards the needed repairs for the pool. The pool is a vital part of the summertime entertainment for the children of Paden City. It is a safe environment for children and adults and is a staple in our community. Using these funds for street repairs would be a consideration; however, the funds would go further on the pool repairs.

Stewart: A $10,000 gift could be used to benefit a lot in any city government, but I believe I would use the money to help bring people and new business to the town. People and business are the lifeline of any community like Paden City. They must grow to survive.