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Park and Pool seeks community assistance

By Staff | May 28, 2014

The Sistersville Park and Recreation Board, a nonprofit venture, is seeking the help of the community while hoping to help the community in return. For this purpose, they will honor those who make a minimum donation of $100 as “Park and Pool Partners” by hanging aluminum signs along the fence inside the pool for the duration of the swimming season, then displaying the signs in the Jim Willison Family Center (the old high school gym in Sistersville) for the rest of the year.

These white, aluminum signs, 18″ x 24″, can serve many purposes, including: advertisements and promotions for businesses and organizations; honorable plaques thanking individuals and families who contribute; or dedications to the distinguished lives and services of the people of this community. For businesses and organizations, the signs will list their names and logos, addresses, phone numbers, and a one-line message. The details on other signs can be determined on an individual basis. Those who make donations of any value will also be thanked on the Sistersville Park & Pool Facebook page (facebook. com/sistersvillepark), as well as in letters to news organizations.

The signs will remain up for a year, from one summer to the next; a similar donation of $100 at the start of each summer will once again secure a spot among fellow “Park and Pool Partners.” If donors choose not to make the same donation the following year, they will have the opportunity to purchase the sign for their own purposes at the discounted cost.

This is an excellent prospect for businesses to advertise and families to honor loved ones. Furthermore, it is a chance to become even more involved in this community.

“Park and Pool Partners” forms will be available at Sistersville City Hall, 200 Diamond Street. Those interested in becoming Park and Pool Partners should contact the Park and Recreation Board by messaging sistersvillepark@ gmail.com or by calling Alex King at 304-771-8835.