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Strode, Henthorn and Wyatt elected to BOE seats

By Staff | May 21, 2014

Scott W. Strode, Bonnie Henthorn, and Jimmy Wyatt were elected to the Tyler County Board of Education May 13 in the only contested race in Tyler County’s Primary Election.

The three garnered the top votes of the five candidates in the field. The vote totals were as follows: Strode, 739; Henthorn, 685; Wyatt, 646; James Eric Mason, 593; and Kevin Roberts, 512.

Republican candidate for county commissioner, John F. Stender, got 671 votes of confidence to keep his position. There were no other Republican or Democrat candidates for commissioner.

There was not a contest in the Primary Election for the Sixth District’s House of Delegates member. Republican Wm. Roger Romine, incumbent, received 713 votes and Democrat Karl Paul earned 319 votes.

Votes by precinct can be found on page 3 of this week’s Tyler Star News.