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8th graders to tour Nation’s Capitol

By Staff | May 14, 2014

Paden City eighth graders taking a class trip to Washington D.C. in June are pictured above along with Tulane Mensore (member of the CFOV Board), Beri Jean Fox (member of CFOV Board), Jeanne Fox (8th grade history teacher and LSIC member), PCHS Principal Jay Salva, and Peter Reisbeck (Director of Development CFOV); students (not in order) -- Marcus Allen, Rander Amos, Jenna Arnett, Mackenzi Ash, Seth Bohrer, Jacob Carpenter, Matthew Clark, Gavin Corley, Garrett Cross, Mackenzi Drake, Kolton Elliott, Jenna Ferrebee, Ashlynn Filliez, Gevi Goddard, Kaci Hartwig, Katrina Heasley, Breiona Henthorn, David Joy, Katie Mars, Kameron McClain, Aubrey Neff, Malayna Price, Landon Smith, Brandon Snyder, Kyle Stackpole, Caitlin Stewart and Thomas Yaron. Not pictured are: Richard Bertozzi, Joshua Glover, Andrew Moffitt, Isaac Price, Shelby Schultheis, and Dalton Schupbach.

At the beginning of the school year, Paden City High School’s (PCHS) Local School Improvement Council (LSIC) set several goals toward improving the school and providing students with more opportunities to learn. One such opportunity was to raise enough money to be able to send students in the eighth grade class to Washington D.C., as part of the Curriculum Enhancement Project initiated by Principal Jay Salva and the LSIC, with the trip providing cultural and historical awareness for the students.

“As a small school with 193 students enrolled in grades 7-12, it is a challenge to offer a curriculum that is rich in cultural discovery and also be able to provide a hands on learning experience,” Salva said.

With this project in mind, the students and teachers at Paden City High School, parents, relatives, and many people committed themselves to support the students and set a goal of sending every eighth grader who wanted to go, on the trip. Axiall Corporation and BFS Company, operator of the local Marathon Station, contributed money to kick off the fund drive. The students worked to have a spaghetti dinner, Krispy Kreme Donut sales and several other fundraising projects.

Families contributed what they could to meet deadlines for down payments for the trip, but due to the depressed local economy and Ormet closing, fund raising and down payment money impacted the number of students who signed up.

As the fund raising efforts reached their peak it became clear that, with only a little over half way to the goal, the campaign needed help. Cork Bowen, LSIC chairperson, contacted the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley (CFOV) for assistance.

The the CFOV has been a prominent member of the West Virginia northern panhandle and eastern Ohio communities by providing grant opportunities to projects that impact local citizens and students.

The grant request was reviewed and approved, which then enabled every student who wanted to attend, the ability to participate in the trip. Only about 10 percent of the class will be unable to attend due to previous commitments.

The eighth grade class will travel to Washington D.C. on June 4, 5, and 6.

Although plans began the previous school year as an “eighth grade trip”, this year’s plan included a more extensive immersion into many of the Washington D.C. area sites. Activities will include visits to the Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and the Natural History Museum. Tours will include the Arlington National Cemetery, The nation’s Capitol, Union Station, and an evening cruise tour of the National Monuments.

The students are excited and very appreciative for all those who donated time and money and supported them in their efforts to visit the nation’s Capital. Special appreciation is extended to the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley.

LSIC members include: Jay Salva, PCHS principal – ex officio member; Cork Bowen, chairman – at large member; Sarah Carlisle – faculty member; Lisa Shepherd – faculty member; Jeanne Fox – faculty member; Mary Ferrebee – parent; Kelli Goddard – parent; Kim Huffman – parent; Dr. Richard Stender – business representative; Pam Witschey – at large member; Ernie Ferrebee – school employee; and Mike Kelly – Paden City Chief of Police.