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Middlebourne leases oil and gas rights

By Staff | Dec 11, 2013

Middlebourne Mayor Charles Delauder stated at Monday night’s meeting that the town had entered into an oil and gas lease agreement.

They had signed the agreement with Antero Resources in the middle of November. “We are anticipating approximately $30,400 dollars,” said Delauder. “Right now we are just waiting on the check.”

The mayor also mentioned the town is still looking to hire someone full-time for the sewage plant. Councilman Rodney Miller questioned as to what happened to the man they just hired. Delauder said he only lasted a week, stating he received a better offer somewhere else. It was agreed to look for someone to fill the position.

Under old business the mayor said they have located a police car with the help from Sistersville Police Chief Ben Placer. He said the chief was very helpful and worked hard on doing this for Middlebourne. “We are thankful,” noted Delauder.

The vehicle has been donated to Middlebourne from the City of Kenova. “I spoke to the officer down there and they are getting it ready,” said Delauder. “They are changing the fluids and making sure it is road ready. They are going to meet me in Ripley and were are going to get the police car and bring it home. The car has everything already included with the exception of a radio and a radar detector. They are just giving this to us and they said if it lasts us through June they will have another one for us.

“It is a well-maintained vehicle which should serve us well,” he continued. “We will need to purchase a radio and a radar detector which will cost us approximately $2,000. So I would like to get council’s permission to spend up to that amount for the equipment when the police car gets here.” Miller made a motion to that effect, seconded by Vera Henthorn, and passed unanimously.

Under new business, council authorized the town to apply for a “P Card” to be used for necessary purchases for the town business. The card could be used for just about any business needs the town may have. It is issued by United National Bank, but it’s under the the West Virginia Auditor’s office and there are specific guidelines of how it can be used. There are no fees or interest charges as long as it is paid on time each month. Council approved of the mayor applying for it.

Mayor Delauder made some suggestions for spending the oil and gas lease payment. He said he would like to suggest getting a snow plow to fit the city sewage plant truck. The cost for the plow would be around $5,500, which would include the mounting of the plow on the truck. He noted, if the town gets the P Card first, they can put it on the card and get the one percent rebate. Also, Monroe Excavating has donated a salt spreader for it and it will fit in the back of the truck bed.

Council approved the plow purchase.

Approval was also given to give $10,000 of the oil and gas money to the Park and Recreation Board to use towards a new roof on their building. It was mentioned that they had received a $5,000 grant from the state to also be used for the roof.

Delauder further suggested looking into the purchase of a street sweeper. He said new ones cost about $100,000, but they can be found on eBay sometimes for below $10,000 and he felt if one could be found with low miles and hours with-in 200 to 300 miles from town, it would be a good deal. No action was taken on it at Monday’s meeting.

However, did take action by appointing Tina Lemasters to the Park and Recreation Board. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Delauder asked council for permission to attend the West Virginia Municipal Mid-Winter Conference on Jan 9 and 10. He stated he had been appointed to their legislative committee and he would like to go and be reimbursed for expenses. Motion was made and approved.

Minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer’s report were approved and the meeting was adjourned.

Next month’s regular meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the council chambers on Jan. 13.