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Olive Branch helps animals

By Staff | Nov 27, 2013

Three neglected Boxer-Beagle puppies rescued from a Paden City home in October are now in good health and good homes, according to Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge President Linda Henriksen.

Although based in Sistersville, the no-kill animal shelter has a history of working within other areas of the community and with other organizations to care for animals in need.

When a concerned landlord called Paden City Police Chief Mike Kelly to a residence regarding these starving animals, he said that Sistersville’s Olive Branch quickly came to mind.

“You could see their bones through their skin,” said Chief Kelly, describing the dogs.

While Chief Kelly and the landlord continued to handle the situation with the tenants, Henriksen transported the animals to Dr. Shaun Meckley’s office,

where they received the immediate care they needed, such as shots and immunizations. A Chihuahua also removed from the home could not be helped and was euthanized due to emaciation.

Chief Kelly explained that the repercussion of animal cruelty charges could mean up to six months in jail or worse.

One of Olive Branch’s primary goals is to find a safe and comforting home for animals in need.

“These pups went to Pennsylvania (homes),” said Henriksen. “They are well and know what it is like to have a warm, loving touch.”

Located at 302 Badger Road in Sistersville, they still have plenty of animals in need of a home.

Their work in the community was also recently recognized when the City of Sistersville approved funding returned from the county dog tax to go to the Olive Branch shelter. That money will help to cover the costs of spaying, immunizing, and tagging stray animals in order to keep the stray population down.