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Magistrates oversee cases

By Staff | Nov 27, 2013

The following cases were heard recently in Tyler County Magistrate Court before Magistrates Mike Griffin and John Roberts:

John Patrick Hennessey, 71, of Rd 2, Box 161, Middlebourne, was charged on Oct. 16 in Tyler County to the offense of driving under the influence. The alleged offense occurred when he was observed sitting in a ditch along Rt. 23 in Tyler County. He was unresponsive and an empty vodka bottle was observed on the floor of the vehicle between his legs. He had slurred speech and could not stand on his own. He was taken by emergency medical services to Wetzel County Hospital with a blood level of 0.341. A hearing has yet to be set in Magistrate Court.

Robert Lee Brown, 22, of 101 Burt Street, Sistersville, entered a plea of guilty on Nov. 13 to the charge of driving on a license suspended for failure to pay fines. He was charged on Nov. 4, after a traffic stop on Wood Street in Sistersville.

For the offense he was fined $100 plus costs and fees of $160.25.

Randell Glen Masters, 45, of 2654 Horseneck Road, St. Marys, W.Va., pleaded guilty on Nov. 14 to four separate misdemeanor charges. He was charged on Oct. 31 with second offense driving on a revoked license (non-DUI), no insurance, defective equipment, and no registration. He was fined a total of $320 plus costs and fees totaling $641.

Andrew Calvin Brown, 68, of HC Box 201, Pine Grove, was charged on Nov. 17 with three misdemeanor offenses of destruction of property, trespassing, and public intoxication, having occurred in Tyler County on Eight Mile Ridge. He was released on $2,500 bond.