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Paranormal Informer Carl Felter is willing to investigate anywhere

By Staff | Oct 30, 2013

Paranormal Informer Carl Felter

Known as the Paranormal Informer, Carl Felter of Pleasants County has been investigating supernatural occurrences in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region for 16 years. His investigations of reportedly haunted places have brought him to Tyler County on numerous occasions. Most recently, he conducted an onstage show titled “Confessions of a Ghost Hunter” at the Gaslight Theater in Sistersville as part of the Halloween 13 benefit for Breast Cancer Research. The Tyler Star News caught up with Carl just in time for Halloween to find out why he chases the things that go bump in the night.

Those interested in following Carl Felter’s progress in the world of the paranormal can do so by liking his Facebook page, Paranormal Informer.

Star News: How many paranormal

investigations have you done in Tyler County? How many have you done elsewhere?

Carl: I have done two in Tyler County, and I would say I’ve done close to 100 in all. That’s counting business and residential places.

Star News: What does it take to be a paranormal investigator? Can anyone do it?

Carl: Anyone can do it, but it takes a while to really know what to look for. You’ve got to know orbs (balls of energy) from dust and how to listen for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

Star News: How did you get into paranormal investigation? What makes you stick with it?

Carl: I got into paranormal investigating because I lost someone close to me when I was young. That’s when my interest sparked. I wanted to know if there was any way a person’s spirit could stay behind. The reason I stick with it is because I love to help people and give them peace of mind. If we find something, it lets them know they’re not crazy.

Star News: What types of places are you willing to investigate? What is your process for setting up an investigation?

Carl: I will investigate anywhere I am needed. When I go into a residential place, I like to talk with the home owner and see why they think they have a ghost. Then I set up equipment in the areas that have had the most activity, and I try to catch evidence of these happenings on film or audio.

Star News: What is the goal of ghost hunting? Why do you think people are so intrigued by it?

Carl: The goal of ghost hunting is finding that single piece of evidence that will prove that ghosts are real. I think people are so into it because the question is in everyone’s mind: What’s after this?

Star News: Are there any misconceptions that you would like to clear up when it comes to ghost hunting?

Carl: Some people think you have to be psychic to be a ghost hunter. That’s not true, so don’t base an investigation on a feeling. Ghost hunters should go on evidence they can see and hear.

Star News:Where is one place in Tyler County that you would most like to investigate? Why would you choose that location?

Carl: I know Tyler County has a lot of historical buildings. I would like to investigate some of those if I had the chance.

Star News: Where is one place anywhere in the world that you would like to investigate?

Carl: I would like to investigate Stonehenge. There’s just so much wonder there.

Star News: What is your most compelling piece of evidence from an investigation?

Carl: I have a few really good ones. There’s a soldier I caught in a photo at Gettysburg, and the start of an apparition on video at Marv’s Place in Sardis.