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Sistersville invests in new police cruisers

By Staff | Oct 23, 2013

Sistersville’s Chief of Police Ben Placer and Sergeant Alex Northcraft are pleased with the new 2014 Dodge Chargers.

The City of Sistersville’s new, factory fresh police cruisers not only have a sleek look, but they are saving the city money according to Chief of Police Ben Placer.

Chief Placer addressed the need for new vehicles at the regular Sistersville Council meeting in May, presenting figures to council. After he indicated that the city was paying roughly $1,200 a month in repairs for their cars, council unanimously approved the purchase of two new police cruisers, which are being financed through WesBanco. Placer stated that the monthly payments are cheaper than what they had been paying for repairs.

Though it was initially agreed upon to purchase the 2013 models, Placer discovered that production of them had ceased and was able to negotiate the newer cars down to the price of the 2013 models.

The car primarily used by Chief Placer was attained at a total cost $27,599, while the one used by Sergeant Alex Northcraft came fully equipped at a total cost of $32,599.

Placer complimented the design work of Jason Stoneking, who does the graphics on their cars.