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Grand jury holds session

By Staff | Oct 23, 2013

The Tyler County grand jury returned 25 true bills against seven defendants after their session held Oct. 15.

William B. Neff, 51, of Rt Box 13 B, Middlebourne, was indicted on nine felony counts. He is facing three counts of sexual abuse in the first degree, four counts of sexual abuse by a parent, one count of sexual assault in the second degree, and one count of incest. All nine counts are alleged to have occurred in Tyler County.

Timothy J. Channell, 49, of 3219 Braden Hill Road, Jacksonburg, was handed a two-count indictment: felony malicious assault and misdemeanor second offense domestic battery. Both charges stem from an incident on Aug. 23 when Channell allegedly broke the victim’s ankle with his hands. Channell had previously been convicted for the offense of second offense domestic battery in Tyler County Magistrate Court on March 6, 2009.

Maverick Stewart, 21, of 243 N. Wells St., Sistersville, is facing six charges from three separate incidents. On July 9 he allegedly committed the offenses of daytime burglary by breaking and entering a dwelling in Paden City and grand larceny by allegedly taking jewelry valued at more than $1,000. On Aug. 2 he allegedly committed daytime burglary in Tyler County and petit larceny by unlawfully stealing, two 1956 Sistersville class rings and two gold necklaces. Then on Aug. 4 Stewart allegedly committed the offenses of daytime burglary by breaking and entering a dwelling house in Tyler County and grand larceny by unlawfully and feloniously stealing certain $2,000 cash.

Matthew Douglas Witsoe, 25, of Rt. 1 Box 156-2, Beverly, W.Va., was indicted on three counts, all to have occurred on June 16. He allegedly committed the felony offense of breaking and entering a building other than a dwelling, belonging to Valley Grange #519. He is also charged with two misdemeanor charges of destruction of property, one against Valley Grange and one against an individual, by damaging windows, doors, and a wooden cabinet.

Raymond Lee Smith, 24, of Middlebourne, is charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor that are to have occurred on Nov. 27, 2012, in Tyler County. He is charged with nighttime burglary by breaking and entering a dwelling house with the intent to commit a crime, grand larceny of property worth more than $1,000, and misdemeanor destruction of property when damaging a Sentry safe.

Douglas R. Kimball, 36, of 173 3rd Ave, Bridgeway Addition, Middlebourne, was on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance, Alprazolam, a Schedule IV controlled substance, with the intent to deliver. The offense is to have occurred on July 30 in Tyler County.

Brandon L. Rodriguez, 25, of 232 Maple Ave., New Martinsville, was charged with the felony offense of obtaining money by false pretenses by intentionally defraud the victim of $2,918 by saying he would furnish materials and labor for the installation of a metal roof and not fulfilling the contract. The offense is to have occurred on May 21 in Tyler County.