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More than 30 handmade quilts will be on display until June 22

By Staff | Jun 5, 2013
This rich piece, crafted by Jane in 2012, displays a variety of vibrant flowers and foliage.
A Christmas theme of quilts has been set up around the Gold Derrick Gallery's fireplace. Looks cozy!
Jane stands before a quilt made by her mother in the 1970s.

Jane Lehew, who comes from a long line of quilters, is displaying quilts that she and the women of her family have crafted over the years. The art show consists of more than 30 quilts and will continue to display now through June 22 at the Gold Derrick Gallery in Sistersville.

“There are probably quilts in here from every decade since the 30s,” she said.

The oldest quilt was made by her great-great grandmother in 1869, and its long lasting patterns have been borrowed to frame these photos.