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Tyler County projects discussed

By Staff | May 22, 2013

At the May 16 meeting of the Tyler County Planning Commission, a $1,000 budget was set aside for advertising with the Tyler Star News. Eric Peters described potential display ads with contact information so that interested parties can reach them.

“Getting all the addresses to the groups that we want to reach is getting difficult,” said Eric Peters, director of the Tyler County Development Authority and Planning Commission.

The primary purpose of the ads would be to help generate a mailing list for those wanting to get involved in next summer’s upcoming bicentennial celebration. Interested parties can send their mailing information to Tyler County Development Office, PO BOX 58, Sistersville, WV 26175.

The commission has addressed the Department of Highways (DOH) about work on a “low-water bridge” at The Jug. Peters presented members with a drawing drafted by the DOH detailing their proposed plans.

“It’s going to raise the level of the existing concrete two feet and three inches,” he said. “It looks to me like they’re going to extend the curbs, too.”

The addition of concrete should help divert the water so there is less occasion of overflow.

Avenues for funding this project are still being explored.

“The important thing is that it will help preserve a natural asset the county has,” said Peters.

Water flow is not expected to drastically change upstream, however impact studies were mentioned to address these possibilities, as well as erosion. Once the stream bed is cleared out, they believe the flow will return to normal.

The commission also discussed the bridge dedication to Brigadier General Timothy Barrick. The dedication is to take place on Thursday, 4:30 p.m., on state Route 2 near its intersection with state Route 18. Several representatives, as well as the American Legion Honor Guard, will be present for the event.

Under old business, the Elk Fork/Bens Run Water Project was announced to have been recently completed. Route 18 South Water Extension is the Planning Commission’s next priority among water and sewer projects. They will work alongside the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council to complete this project.

Previous minutes were accepted.


The meeting of the Tyler County Development Authority was held immediately following the adjournment of the Planning Commission.

Tyler County Commissioner Charles “Pork” Smith reported on the status of the W.Va. Coal Bed Methane Severance Tax Disbursement, stating that the commission has received funds and will soon be transferring them to the development authority.

Developments are in progress at the Bens Run Industrial Park: Steve Simpson & Associates have submitted a public notice for an injection well site application; Strategic Environment, Inc. has submitted a lease-purchase agreement for a 20-acre site; and Proviron, Inc. is pursuing the purchase of two additional acres on the east side of its plant.

Also regarding the Bens Run Industrial Park, rail spurs are in need of repairs. Peters stated that he will seek DOH help to temporarily patch it, but they will also explore options with the W.Va. Public Port Authority to include a permanent rail crossing there.

He also described his first meeting on the Momentive Community Advisory Panel.

“It was informative on both sides,” he said. “We got some news from Momentive that they are filling positions that have been vacant for some time. They recently hired four new engineers and they still have vacancies beyond that.”

Peters will be meeting with their new Human Resources Director to outline ways the development authority can help them find the people they need for positions, as well as increase the publicizing of job postings. According to him, Momentive also expressed a desire to participate in community projects.

He reported good news regarding the Sistersville Ferry, which is receiving funds through the Federal Ferry Boat Enhancement Grant, W.Va. Public Port Authority, and the United States Department of Transportation.

Minutes and the financial report were accepted. Bills were paid.

The next Tyler County Planning Commission and Development Authority meetings are scheduled for June 20 at 7 p.m. in the Tyler County Courthouse.