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Sistersville council appoints Schleier

By Staff | May 15, 2013

New councilman Bill Schleier stands to be sworn in at Monday’s meeting.

In a three-two vote at its May 13 meeting, the Sistersville City Council approved Bill Schleier as a councilman. He now fills the Fourth Ward position formerly seated by Dave Dietrich, whose resignation due to his move to Friendly was accepted prior to Schleier’s appointment.

Given Schleier’s position on the Ferry Board and his marriage to City Recorder and Treasurer Julie Schleier, some councilmen were uncertain about the appointment and its process. Mayor David Fox stated that, in the past, council members have worked for the city while also serving as effective representatives.

City Attorney Carolyn Flannery described the appointment of council members as a process which may vary from one municipality to another.

“In your ordinance book, there should be a provision that says how you replace council people who have resigned,” she said. “A lot of time it is brought to the council one way or another and the council votes on it.”

“We’ve had to replace council members multiple times,” said Mayor Fox. “This is the procedure we’ve always used.”

In favor of Schleier’s appointment, Councilman Colin Marrin noted his consistent presence at council meetings.

“I think he shows the interest in it,” he said. “I think he’d do a good job at it.”

“One thing you could probably count on is he’d be here at every meeting,” added Mayor Fox.

While Bill Schleier’s appointment fills one gap, there is still a council position to be filled in the First Ward.

The council approved Rachel Marrin to begin constructing a City of Sistersville website.

City Clerk and Treasurer Julie Schleier described possible attributes of the site, including a council page where they can post minutes and list ordinances, a city page about Sistersville and its history, a section for park and pool information and hours, the cost of facility rentals, upcoming annual events, a listing of different board meetings, and a secure route for online water bill payment.

She also discussed the possibility of merchants listing their businesses or services on the site. For approximately $100 a year, a merchant would be able to display a picture, description, and address and phone listing; there would also be a few options for either no fee or a small fee.

“Most all cities and counties are doing websites,” said Mayor Fox. “We could pay for a lot of this, if not all of it, by the local merchants buying a $100 spot and having their business on the website. I think it’s a great idea.”

Chief of Police Ben Placer brought forth buying options for two new police cruisers, one of which would come fully equipped for patrol. Citing the monthly cost of repairs going into their current police cruisers, the council came to a unanimous decision that it would be cost effective to purchase the new vehicles.

Chief Placer also discussed plans for a bridge dedication ceremony for Brigadier General Timothy C. Barrick. It will take place on May 23 at 4:30 p.m. at the bridge site, between the Route 2 and Route 18 convergence and the entrance to the Sistersville Country Club. Signs are already in place, and Delegate Roger Romine, Senator Jeff Kessler and Senator Larry Edgell will be present for the unveiling. The American Legion Honor Guard will also be involved in the ceremony.

In other news, the council approved adding Eric Peters, John Moore, and Aaron Foltz to the Ferry Board. They also approved the minutes of two previous meetings and paid city bills.