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Sheriff’s Department makes changes

By Staff | May 15, 2013

At the May 14 Tyler County Commission meeting, the commission approved changes within the Sheriff’s Department. Following the resignation of Joey Richardson, Deputy Mitch Corley took his place as the School Resource Officer at Tyler Consolidated Middle and High School; Shannon Huffman was promoted to the position of sergeant; Dean Pratt was promoted to the position of lieutenant; and Anthony Thomas was appointed interim chief deputy.

Stacy Kasun was present to discuss the effects that the address changes will have on Uncle Bunk’s, the business she and her parents operate along Tyler Highway.

While expressing understanding that the address change was required and the commission was limited in its abilities to alleviate the situation, she wanted to make them aware of the extra costs involved.

“The cost to Uncle Bunk’s of changing the address is going to be tremendous,” she said. “We have labels that are FDA approved that have to have the address of our manufacturing facility on them, so that requires hiring a graphic designer and changing the plates of labels. We have to change our letterhead, re-file all of our paperwork with the FDA, and change the contact information of every vendor and supplier we do business with.”

“The only thing you might be able to do is talk to Delegate Romine or Senator Edgell,” said Commission President John Stender. “Maybe they can get you some assistance because it has put some hardship on your business.”

Commissioner Charles “Pork” Smith mentioned the time frame for the changes, and Kasun agreed that it should allow them to make use of the labels they already have printed.

In other news, the commission terminated the appointment of the late Ruth Moore as Administrator of the Ivan A. Moore Estate and appointed Rebecca Ferrebee and Barbara Moore as co-administrators of the estate.

Assessor Jackson Hayes presented commissioners with a quote from Frontier Communications involving the updating of courthouse phone systems.

“I think the priority on it is to have the cabling done first,” he said. “You can always add the phone system into the cabling because the outlet is going to be there for it.”

No actions were taken involving “cabling” or the anticipated phone system updates.

In other news, six doors will be added to the 4-H Assembly Hall for a cost falling between $3,500 and $3,700; the same building will also receive 10 lights and 40 bulbs for a cost of $581.

The commission signed a form approving May 12-18 as National Prevention Week, which is dedicated to the awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues.

They entered into an executive session regarding EMS personnel. No related actions were taken upon re-entering the normal meeting.

Other approved items included budget revisions for the Sheriff’s Department and within the County Clerk’s Office, the Clerk’s fiduciary report, previous minutes, and the paying of bills.