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Commission discusses new addresses

By Staff | May 1, 2013

Bob Mead of Frontier Communications presents Tyler County Commissioners with figures and information concerning potential updates to courthouse phone systems.

At the April 30 Tyler County Commission meeting, commissioners heard from citizens and representatives.

Debbie Hayes attended to solve an issue she was having with the recent 911 address changes.

Despite not connecting to Meadow Lane, the private driveway leading to her house was labeled as Lower Meadow Lane.

“This isn’t the only place in the county where this has happened,” said 911 Mapping Coordinator Paul LeMasters.

LeMasters went on to explain that, due to state regulations, any driveway with more than one residence is required to have its own name.

He said that, given the possibility of future developments in that area, a mapping computer had combined those unconnected roads.

Safety concerns were also listed on behalf of Hayes, such as the possibility that emergency responders will have trouble finding her residence under the name of Lower Meadow Lane.

The commission ultimately ruled that, because she owns both residences on the private driveway, Hayes can “stack” those addresses. This will return her address to its original labeling of Tyler Highway.

Although the state would demand another re-labeling if someone else were to build an additional residence beyond that point, she described the chances of that happening as “slim.”

Regarding further conflicts people may be having with address changes, Commission Vice President Eric Vincent said, “The thing to keep in mind is it’s something that has to be done.”

Bob Mead attended on behalf of Frontier Communications.

He listed different options available for updates to courthouse phones and communications systems, including point-to-point circuit connection with other offices and future annexes.

The commission determined to hear more figures and information on their May 14 meeting.

The commission renewed their agreement with the West Virginia Extension Office for the payment of their secretary.

Executive session was entered with Sheriff Bob Kindle, with no motion made when the normal meeting resumed.

In other news, the council approved third graders from A.I. Boreman to visit the courthouse on May 17, the 4-H Campgrounds is in need of four new doors on one of its buildings, the Tyler County Senior Center needs the roof replaced on its fitness center, and the commission approved the sending of three delegates to Girls State.

Among other approved items were the previous meeting’s minutes, the assessor’s exonerations, the clerk’s fiduciary report, and the paying of bills.