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Sistersville council considers paving

By Staff | Mar 13, 2013

“My thoughts are to pave at the park,” advised Mayor David Fox during the March 11 Sistersville City Council meeting. “We’re trying to develop the riverfront here and bring people to town.”

With the park soon to accommodate spring and summer activities, it was an option the council discussed. Although there are streets in need of paving listed, the primary question was whether or not those roads are frequented enough to be a priority. This prioritizing came about following a recent understanding that the city is no longer permitted to take out a bank loan for street paving due to the possibility of leaving a future council indebted.

After also considering ways to save funds for future paving, the council determined to table paving decisions until their next meeting. While Mayor Fox stated his preference and made it clear that he would choose in favor of paving the park area, should a tie occur, he encouraged council members to listen to the desires of townspeople regarding paving.

Mayor Fox mentioned the possibility of using water funds to fix the break in the street beside the park.

Referring to instances in which city employees, such as meter readers, may need credentials, City Commissioner Daniel Grimes proposed the purchase of an ID badge machine.

“It’s useful to the guys that have to go to a store, a business, or someone’s house,” said Grimes. Council approved the purchase.

Grimes also revealed that a new garbage truck is in transit from Indiana and should arrive Friday.

Under Planning Committee reports, Tom Gray announced that they would like to have the “Welcome to Sistersville” sign by the ferry landing reinforced on a stronger foundation. He would also like to have the Oil Derricks along the highway moved to the river side of the park and repainted. Gray confirmed that the Planning Committee will be funding these renovations, but they would like a few hours of help from city workers. Council approved city employees to lend a hand in the completion of these projects.

In other news, council approved the contract for the Hanford City Sewer Project to Kanawha Stone as well as the payment of other costs; the ferryboat will open the first Monday in April, April 1; employee benefits were approved for ferry workers who work for the city year round; the Sisters Fest parade was approved for March 15 at 5 p.m. along Wells Street; the Easter Egg hunt at the park was approved for March 30 at 11:30 a.m.; bills were paid and the previous meeting’s minutes were approved.