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Council uses Absence Ordinance

By Staff | Mar 6, 2013

Mayor John "Hoppy" Hopkins swears in Patti Casteel as a member of the Paden City Council under the new Temporary Absence Ordinance.

A new council member was sworn in at Monday’s Paden City Council meeting, only to step down from that position moments later.

Under the recently adopted Temporary Absence Ordinance, which permits the appointment of temporary representation in place of a council member who has been absent from his or her duties for more than 90 days, the council unanimously approved Patti Casteel to fill in for her husband, Glenn “Bob” Casteel.

However, shortly after being sworn in, it was brought to the council’s attention that she would then be the second council member also serving on the Development Authority, which is not allowed under an existing ordinance.

When faced with the possibility of having to give up a title, she resigned from council, citing that she was proud of the work she was doing in the Development Authority.

Following further discussion, the council reached an agreement to appoint Glenn Casteel’s son, Rick Casteel, who has yet to be sworn in as a council member.

In budget revisions, $5,000 was moved from a Coal Severance Fund to City Hall.

A total of $4,400 of that will cover a down payment to codify ordinance books. The last time ordinance books were codified was 1988.

“It needs to be done and I think we’ve got the money to do it,” said Mayor John Hopkins. “We’ll still be able to put money from Coal Severance in the park and the library.”

The codification will give a new ordinance book to each member of council, the mayor, and recorder. Paden City Attorney Carolyn Flannery added that ordinances can also be viewed online at www.walterdrane.com.

Also, $450 of the Coal Severance fund was approved to pay for a new printer for the recorder’s office.

Recorder Tami Billiter informed the council that all of the paperwork for the West Virginia Money Market Account has been filed and they should be able to start saving money for the painting of water tanks by the end of the month.

In police department news, the council approved two Kevlar vests for purchase, tabled the possibility of a raise for police clerks, and approved the use of money from a settlement involving the wreck of a 2000 Crown Victoria for the purchase of CB radios.

Under park and pool news, the section of the road going to the marina has been added to the paving list for May, the Park and Pool Board hired Mike Pierce as pool manager, ads are in the paper for lifeguards and pool workers, repairs to the ball field are underway, a memorial service for