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Donation helps light covers find way home

By Staff | Feb 27, 2013

Pictured above with the covers are Terry Wiley, owner of the Gaslight Theater and Rose Branham. The covers have been in a box for nearly 70 years.

Light covers from the original Paramount Theater have at last found their way home. Suzette Harrison and her sister Rose Branham donated the covers to the Gaslight Theater on Feb. 21.

The covers, which are from the 1900s, have been in the family for many years. They originally belonged to their grandmother, Audrey Carroll, who gave them to their father and her son, Eugene “Gene” Carroll. After Gene deceased, he left them to Harrison.

Unsure of how their grandmother, who lived above the theater, obtained the lights, the sisters speculate that they were given to her after the theater was remodeled.

“I had an opportunity to bring them to where they belong, so I did” said Harrison.