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Courthouse seeking more lookup stations

By Staff | Jan 30, 2013

One of Tyler County Courthouse’s three lookup stations is ready for use.

The Tyler County Courthouse is seeking four new lookup stations. Lookup stations, also known as dummy terminals because changes cannot be made to searched materials, are computer indexes used to find deeds, credit reports, leases, orders, loans, and transfers for property sales. Those using the stations can find the indexed material by searching first and last names of people involved in such transactions or accessing daily feedback.

Since 1998, the courthouse has been in the process of transferring this information into a digital format. They are working to eventually have everything accessible by lookup stations as well as books.

There are currently three lookup stations in the record room, one of them connected to a printer in the hallway. The new stations would be placed in the hallway.

According to Tyler County Clerk Teresea Hamilton, the increased use of lookup stations is related to increasing oil and gas activity in Tyler County. Property owners, oil and gas companies, real estate agents and lawyers are frequenters of these stations. She stated that they are expecting the oil and gas activity to continue for some time.

“With our computers we do the indexing,” said Hamilton. “The information then goes to the terminals where people can look them up.”

At 10 a.m. on Friday, the Tyler County Commission will be holding an informational meeting to discuss the possibilities of acquiring these lookup stations, including the potential investments of companies interested in adding more terminals.