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Sistersville City Council accepts bids on projects

By Staff | Jan 16, 2013

Sistersville City Council gathers to discuss actions on different projects.

Sistersville City Council met Jan. 14 to work out details of the Hanford City Sewer Project, bids for which were opened on Dec. 18.

Out of seven bidders, Kanawha Stone issued the lowest bid of $619,364.55, bidding a reported $112,000 under the estimated projection and was approved for the job. Construction is anticipated to begin in the first part of March.

A motion was carried to increase the S&S Engineers, Inc. contract by $11,600, which will be paid for by contingency funds and cover the redesign of the pump station and line routing. According to Mayor Dave Fox, the increase to this contract is covered through a state grant and will not cost the city anything.

Grants regarding the Water Source Evaluation Project were discussed, accounting for which will be handled by Bennett & Dobbins of Fairmont. They were accepted for the low bid of $3,000.

The meeting also served as the approval for the second reading of two sewer revenue bond ordinances. The proceeds of the bonds will be used to pay a portion of the cost of acquisition and construction of certain additions as well as betterments and improvements to existing pump systems. A third reading will take place in February.

In other news, it was decided that Blue Blazer Day will be on Feb. 16 in recognition of the dedication of veterans.

“The Blue Blazers have served our area by representing the men and women of our armed forces and the American flag during events such as parades, flag-raising ceremonies, and services held to lay to rest our American heroes,” said Fox.

“The actions of this group have benefited and supported many of the members of our military and their families over the years.”

Police Chief Ben Placer addressed modifications to the vacation policies for the police department and city, which he said have not been revised since the 1980s.

“We’re fine-tuning it and bringing it up to date,” said Placer. “It doesn’t increase or decrease the amount of vacation days. It specifies notice, approval, and when vacation days can be used.”

The council discussed and approved changes to the policies.

Placer also added that Sistersville now has four officers, himself included, and the town has 24-hour police coverage.

A motion was carried for City Commissioner Daniel Grimes to receive a raise in salary, the amount of which had been previously lowered. Fox commented that he has done a great job.

The council approved the payment of city bills for $35,517.14.

“We’ve been keeping that one under control pretty well,” said Fox.