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Daquilante plans to review security

By Staff | Jan 9, 2013

At the Jan. 9 meeting of the Tyler County Board of Education, Superintendent Robin Daquilante informed the board that in light of all the attention that has come out of the Newton, Conn., tragedy, she will be meeting with staff members from Tyler County Schools to review security matters.

“We’ve met with the cooks and secretaries. I had a meeting with all of the coaches in the county last Thursday. I will be meeting with each staff individually this week and the bus garage and the mechanics next week. Basically what we are doing is just reviewing security and going over safety protocol,” said Daquilante.

She also addressed the student protest of lunch regulations that occurred in December. Daquilante informed the board that the demonstration only lasted two days and by the third day the number of students eating hot lunch was back to normal. The protest was not specifically against the Tyler Consolidated lunch program, but against new federal regulations that require schools to follow certain nutritional guidelines.

“I have to commend our students. They went out of their way to make sure that our cooks knew it was nothing against our cooks specifically. They even made them a big card. It’s just against what the new nutrition guidelines are,” said Daquilante.

In matters of personnel, the board approved to employ Joe Semple as Assistant Boy’s Track Coach for TCHS and Brenna Hagerty as Assistant Girl’s Track Coach for TCHS. Additionally, the board accepted the resignation of Brandi Murray as a Countywide Substitute Instructional Aide.

The board approved a trip request with bus for transportation from AIB Music Specialist Matt Jennings. He requested approval for his choir students to attend the W.Va. Music Educators Region VI Solo and Ensemble Festival at West Liberty University on Feb. 2.

The minutes of the Dec. 10 meeting were approved as well as payment of bills.

The next regular meeting of the Tyler County Board of Education will be on Jan. 22 at the Tyler County Board of Education Office located inside the Tyler Consolidated High School at 7 p.m. This meeting will be held on a Tuesday evening rather than the usual Monday night meeting.