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County passes special school levy

By Staff | Dec 19, 2012

Votes are in and Tyler County citizens have decided to continue the special levy. Of the 799 voters, 664 voters (83.10 percent) were for the levy and the remaining 135 voters (16.90 percent) were against it.

The levy, which has been in effect since 1949, is a five-year renewal.

Because the levy is a renewal, tax rates will not increase but just simply remain the same. They are as follows: Class I property, 22.95 cents; Class II property, 45.9 cents; Class III property, 91.8 cents, and Class IV property, 91.8 cents.

It is estimated that the levy will generate approximately $2.48 million in additional funding. This is nearly 16 percent of the total budget.

Tyler County Superintendant Robin Daquilante said that the two major items funded through the levy are instructional supplies for students and technology needs such as software, hardware, and the maintenance of that technology. Without funding for these items, students would be at a huge disadvantage. Textbooks especially would become quite costly.

“We estimate per child, a parent would probably spend around $2,000 (on textbooks),” said Daquilante.

Funding from the levy will additionally help to provide new library books, new computers and other technology, after school activity buses, field trips, science lab materials, necessary instructional supplies and equipment, competitive salary supplements and benefits for teachers and support personnel, additional teaching positions as well as building renovation and maintenance.