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Sistersville Council meets for last time in ‘12

By Staff | Dec 12, 2012

Mayor David Fox and Recorder Julie Schleier prepare to conduct the final council meeting of the year.

Sistersville City Council met Dec. 10 to decide their final actions of 2012 as well as upcoming plans for 2013.

The meeting marked the first reading of sewer revenue bonds concerning the Hanford City Sewer Project. A representative of Steptoe and Johnson was in attendance to discuss the bonds. Mayor Dave Fox assured that the money paying for the project is applicable for debt forgiveness.

The second reading is set for Jan. 14, and a public hearing will be held on Feb. 11.

The council also plans to purchase four pumps for the system at the approximate price of $7,000 a pump.

Regarding water, the minimum will be raised from 2,500 gallons to 3,000 gallons.

“You’re getting 500 more gallons a month before you go over the minimum,” said Fox.

The council mulled over the possibility of compensating city employees who have opted out of the city’s health insurance by matching them with what they would have been paying into it. However, the topic was tabled until they have had the opportunity to further research the possibilities and numbers.

A motion concerning direct deposit for city employees was passed. The city will pay a $15 flat rate per pay period to cover all employees who choose to have their paychecks directly deposited into a checking account. Ultimately, this method of payment is intended to cut down on costs of paper and time.

For completed projects, it was confirmed that the Jim E. Willison Family Center located in the gym of the old Sistersville High School is now open and available for rental. Recent repairs to the gym floor were covered by a $17,000 grant. Members of the council reported that they are already hearing from people interested in renting the space.

The council also approved a motion to pay city bills.

“These bills have been lower lately,” commented Fox. “That’s a good thing. Everyone is watching their departments and we’re doing really well.”