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Cases heard in Tyler County Circuit Court

By Staff | Dec 12, 2012

A Friendly man was sentenced Nov. 30 to one to 10 years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Men after he pleaded guilty to grand larceny.

Charles W. Moore, 29, of 100 Copper Lane, entered the plea before Judge David W. Hummel Jr. in Tyler County Circuit Court.

On April 27, Moore stole a Rheem Air Conditioning unit valued at $1,000 and an American Standard Air Conditioning unit valued at $1,500, which belonged to the Trustees of the Tyler Southern Baptist Church.

Moore was originally charged with two counts of grand larceny, conspiracy to commit an offense against the state, and the misdemeanor offense of destruction of property. The first count of grand larceny was from a separate incident to have occurred on April 8. At that time Moore, along with Ronald A. Morgan, allegedly stole a Carrier Air Conditioning Unit with a value of $2,999 from West Rentals, Inc. The other charges stemmed from the April 27 incident. Moore was accused of conspiring with Joy Followay and Ronald Morgan to commit grand larceny by stealing the air conditioning units from the Tyler Southern Baptist Church. All charges but count one, grand larceny, were dismissed.

In addition to the prison time, Moore was ordered to pay restitution, the cost of prosecution, and any court appointed attorney fees. He will be remanded to the North Central Regional Jail on Jan. 2 at 8 a.m. to await transfer to the Division of Corrections.

In a companion case, Joy Followay, 26, of 100 Copper Lane, Friendly, pleaded guilty to grand larceny. The felony offenses of conspiracy to commit an offense against the state and destruction of property were dismissed.

She will return for sentencing on Jan. 17 before Judge Mark A. Karl. Followay is represented by Attorney Kevin Neiswonger.

Ronald A. Morgan III, 36, of HC 60 Box 92, Pine Grove, through Attorney Roger Weese, requested a jury trial. Morgan is facing two counts of grand larceny, conspiracy to commit an offense against the state, and destruction of property. These stem from the same incidents as described above for Moore. The case will be passed to Judge Karl. A date has not yet been determined for the trial.

Brian L. Wade, 49, of Rt. 2 Box 138 A, New Martinsville, pleaded guilty to grand larceny. On Dec. 3, Wade allegedly stole a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado Truck belonging to David and Debra Bennett and then crashed it into a telephone pole. A charge of leaving the scene of a crash was dismissed.

Hummel sentenced Wade to one to 10 years in the Division of Corrections with credit for time served. This charge will be served concurrently with charges Wade is facing in Wood and Wetzel counties. Additionally, he is ordered to pay restitution totaling $5,400 to the victims.

Also, Phillip Roberts, 32, of 316 Charles St., Sistersville, pleaded guilty to one count of forgery and one count of uttering. He was facing a nine-count indictment that included four counts each of forgery and uttering and one misdemeanor count of obtaining money by false pretenses. The latter is for writing a worthless check in the amount of $50 to Sistersville IGA. The forgery and uttering counts are for writing and passing worthless checks totaling $1,170 to Charles Winslow, BCWV Hospitality.

Roberts will return for sentencing on Jan. 17 at 10:30 a.m. in front Judge Karl.

Quentin L. Graham, 20, of HC 61 Box 6, New Martinsville, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver to have occurred on May 21. He was allegedly in possession of AM-2201 and RCS 4 (both synthetic marijuana). Judge Hummel ordered that sentencing be deferred until he is discharged from a one-year program of Marshall County Drug Court which will be administered by Probation Officer Jennifer Call. If he does not successfully complete the drug court, Graham will immediately return to court for sentencing.

Steven Eric Loy, 35, of RR 2 Box 218, New Martinsville, pleaded guilty to manufacturing a controlled substance. On July 6, Loy committed the felony offense of growing and cultivating marijuana. Loy was sentenced to one to five years. He was remanded to the NCRJ to await transfer to the Division of Corrections.

Charles Ely Henderson, 30, of 513 Buck Run Rd., pleaded guilty to forgery and uttering. On Jan. 6, Henderson unlawfully obtained money from Witschey’s by cashing a check in that amount of $120 by fraudulent representation. Henderson was placed on two years probation and will have to pay restitution. Carl Bryant was Special Prosecutor for the case.

Daniel S. Finley, 25, of 201 Dodd St. Lot 4, Middlebourne, was represented by attorney Keith Hart. Hart requested that Finley’s hearing should be deferred until a psychological evaluation is performed. Hummel granted his request.

Finley is charged with sexual assault in the third degree. Finley allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor that was less than 16 years old and at least four years younger than him.

Kenneth Jones, 60, of HC 62 Box 38, Alma, was represented by Roger Weese. A motion to continue his entry of plea until Jan. 17 was approved.

Jones is charged with manufacturing of a controlled substance by unlawfully growing and cultivating marijuana.

Hummel granted a motion to continue entry of a plea by George W. Jenkins, 62, of 404 Hardman Ave., Middlebourne, until Jan. 17. Jenkins is charged with third offense driving under the influence.

Robbie Harlan, 30, of 53 Chestnut St. Sistersville, did not appear for his scheduled court date. His attorney, Roger Weese, believed Harlan to be incarcerated in another county. He is facing one count of possession of a controlled substance (oxycontin, a Schedule II narcotic) with intent to deliver.