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Department will receive money for vests

By Staff | Nov 28, 2012

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Department will soon receive funding for bulletproof vests.

WCHS Eyewitness News and The West Virginia Sheriffs’ Association raised $14,705 during their November fund raiser called In-Vest.

The month long initiative was created to help police departments across the state provide their officers with bulletproof vests. Because of the expense, there are departments that are unable to provide each officer with a vest.

Each week throughout the month of November, WCHS shared inspiring stories of officers that were saved in the line of duty all because of a bulletproof vest. Viewers were able to donate at any City National Bank location in the state. Other options were to mail in donations to WCHS or actually drop the donations off at the studios located in Charleston and Huntington.

The money raised went directly to the West Virginia Sheriffs’ Association to be divided up equally amongst the departments across the state.

Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle said the money will be beneficial for his department. “We have two or three guys right now whose vests are about to expire,” said Kendle. He also added, “This is a great idea and really needs to continue. I can assure that every department across the state needs this.”

Bulletproof vests cost nearly $1,000 dollars. In addition, they are only under warranty for five years, so it can get quite costly to replace them.

Some of the biggest donations came from the following contributors: Preston and Salango, LLC, $1,500; Martha Givens of South Charleston, $1,000; FOP Lodge #78 (Harrison County), $600; Samantha Jones (In memory of fallen Charleston Patrolman Jerry Jones), $500; West Virginia Paving, $500; David Nearhoof, $400; Blount Neighborhood Watch, $260; Blue Knights Law Enforcement Club, $250; River Valley Chapter of the Brothers In Blue, $200; Bill Cole Automail, $200 and Star Touring and Riding Association, $200.?