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Contestants vie for 2012 Fair Crown

By Staff | Aug 1, 2012

Linda Buck, 2011 Tyler Co. Fair Queen

Linda Buck, 2011 Tyler County Fair Queen, will crown the queen of the 50th Annual Tyler County Fair on Monday, Aug. 6.

This year, seven contestants are vying for the honor. They include Stephanie Marie Wright, Becky Harter, Asia S. Richmond, Taylor Clem, Karlie Hilpert, Maika McIntyre and Miranda Taylor.

-Stephanie Marie Wright is the 15-year old daughter of Jay and Shannon Wright

-Becky Harter is the 18-year old daughter of Donna and Mike Harter

-Asia S. Richmond is the 17-year old daughter of Jae and Byron Lenew

-Taylor Clem is the 17-year old daughter of Rob Clem and Kitty Miller

-Karlie Hilpert is the 18-year old daughter of Bobby and Becky Hilpert

-Maika McIntyre is the 20-year old daughter of Billy McIntyre and Heather Smith.

-Miranda Taylor is the 17-year old daughter of Larry and Katrina Taylor.

The reigning queen will crown her successor immediately following the Prince & Princess and the Tyler County Jr. Miss pageants, slated to begin at 7 p.m. Judging for the queen’s contest will be based on a one-on-one interview with each judge, event promotion consisting of a 30-second commercial about the fair, and a traditional evening gown competition.

The 2011 Fair Queen commented on her reign. “On Aug. 8, 2011 my dream came true. I was crowned the Tyler County Fair Queen and my year was forever changed. Being the fair queen has been so much more than I ever imagined,” Buck said. “Throughout the week of the fair, the people of Tyler County met me with arms wide open and truly made me realize that the Tyler County Fair is a week to celebrate the amazing citizens of our county.”

In January, she represented Tyler County at the annual West Virginia Association of Fairs & Festivals pageant in Charleston, W.Va. “I met so many people and had such a fun weekend,” Buck said. “I want to say thank you to the fair board for supporting me and cheering me on the entire weekend, and to Angela (DeLancey) and Becky (Wells) for helping me out along the way.”

Aside from reigning over this year’s fair, the new queen will compete at the pageant next January. She will also represent the Tyler County Fair at other events around the state.

Buck recalled the numerous events and parades she attended this past year. “Every time I put on the crown and sash, I am so honored to be representing such an amazing fair. I love getting to meet new people and seeing the smile on the little girls’ faces as they ask to take a picture with a ‘queen’,” she said. “There is nothing like being able to make someone smile while getting to do something that you love, as well.”

She offered some advice to the 2012 Queen. “Be prepared for the journey you are about to embark on. Pack your boots and learn to love the barn! Enjoy every second of the year and try not to blink, because before you know it the year will have gone by.”

Buck added, “To all the contestants, never give up! It took me four years to become the Tyler County Fair Queen, and it goes to show that hard work truly does pay off.”

“I am very sad to see my year come to an end,” she concluded. “but I will forever cherish the memories I have made along the way. It has truly been an honor to be the queen, and I am thankful for the opportunity!”

Former Tyler County Fair Queens include: Patty Cline (1969); Dulcia Grimes (1970); Leslie Ann Buck (1971); Debbie Shepherd (1972); Brenda Lee Eddy (1973); Deanna Mason (1974); Charla Ann Buchanan (1975); JoLynn Willison (1976); Lisa Ann Miller (1977); Karen Hillman (1978); Tracy Moore (1979); Melissa Wickham (1980).

Belinda Stewart (1981); Jacqueline Williamson (1982); Holly Spencer (1983); Lisa Hanlin (1984); Carla Baker (1985); Frances Headley (1986); Tracy Templeton (1987); Tara Kramer (1988); Krystal Thomas (1989); Brandi Glover (1990).

Brandi Hunt (1991); Stephanie Sterns (1992); Jodi Livingston (1993); Christina Sellers (1994); Cassie Ferguson (1995); LeAnn Williamson (1996); Tiffany Licot (1997); Rebecca Cooper (1998); Julie Anne Jones (1999); Kellie Palmer (2000).

Sharley Henderson (2001); Angela DeLancey (2002); Brandy Headley (2003); Myriah Hisam (2004); Lauren Patterson (2005); Savanna Keller (2006); Reba Collins (2007); Megan Dennison (2008); Melissa Jackson (2009); Keri Suter (2010); Linda Buck (2011).

Editor’s note: See pages 8 and 9 for a pictorial dedicated to Tyler County Fair royalty throughout the years.