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Boosters concerned about use of concession stand

By Staff | Aug 1, 2012

Susan Pelikan, Vice President of Tyler County Band Boosters, spoke on behalf of the organization to Tyler County Board of Education members Monday evening, voicing concerns about the possible use of the concession stand by the county’s PeeWee football league in upcoming weeks.

“We’ve heard that the concession stand and fields are approved for use by PeeWee football,” said Pelikan. “My request is they be denied access while the Band Boosters are using the facilities.”

“We were not even approached about any concerns we might have,” added Pelikan. “The concession stand is full of all kinds of stuff, and we are audited each year. We must account for every penny.”

“We have to have perfect numbers,” she continued. “We can’t do that when we don’t know what inventory is coming in, or going out.”

“There are numerous hours spent by the booster volunteers cleaning, stocking, and keeping inventory,” explained Pelikan. “We’ve provided about 90 per cent of the equipment in the building. Who will replace it if it gets broken?”

“I want you to understand the amount of hard work and the amount of stock that goes into this effort,” Pelikan said.

“Additionally, all our proceeds go to the band, to the school, and to school functions,” Pelikan continued. “The funds from the PeeWee league do not benefit the school in any way.”

“We think there could be other options,” suggested Pelikan. “They could call Pepsi (distributors) and possibly get a trailer to use. We’ve done that. They could possibly set up a tent.”

“We did give them permission to use the facilities,” said board member Larry Thomas. “One of my concerns was the concession stand. You do bring some strong points to our attention.”

“I think we’ve got the cart before the horse,” said board member Jimmy Wyatt. “The boosters need to sit down with the principal and the athletic director, and members of the PeeWee organization, and see if this can be worked out.”

“The building belongs to the school,” pointed out Superintendent of Schools Robin Daquliante. “I think you need to discuss this with Mr. Walton, Mr. Yoho, and Mr. Smith. I spoke to Mr. Walton and he was of the opinion this wouldn’t cause a problem.”

“Mr. Walton is in charge of it,” added board President Linda Hoover. “Maybe your two organizations can work something out.”

“We’re concerned when we’re buying shelving, microwaves, roasters, and warming tables. It’s disheartening to see those things not being taken care of,” said Pelikan. “There are thousands of dollars involved here.”

“Try to work with the PeeWee organization. You may find out there is no problem. Mention your suggestions about the trailer and the tent. If you find it is not working out, we’ll try something else,” said board member Ken Hunt.

The matter was placed on the agenda for the next Tyler County board meeting, with representatives from both organizations invited to attend.

“Another thing the boosters would like addressed is the problem of lighting at the concession stand. When the lights go out after a game, it’s pitch black down there,” commented Pelikan.

Board members agreed to address the lighting situation at the stand and placed the issue on the agenda for the next meeting.

In other matters, Superintendent Robin Daquliante told the board the State FFA Convention results for Tyler County included a Second Place statewide in Parliamentary Procedure; and a First Place in Homesite and Second Place in Land Judging, which allows the FFA teams to complete at the national level next spring.

“They are to be commended,” said Jimmy Wyatt. “Their group did an outstanding job.”

Superintendent Daquilante also noted that incoming seventh and twelfth graders have new immunization requirements this year.

“We’ve sent letters, and called parents,” she said. “The timeline is, students have only two weeks after the start of school to produce immunization records. We wanted to extend that deadline, but the state won’t allow it. So I want to get the word out to parents.”

Resignations were accepted from Scott Wall, TCMS assistant basketball coach, effective immediately; and Suzette Miller, SAT coordinator, also effective immediately.

Wall was approved for the position of Freshman basketball coach, effective immediately.

Several transfers of students were also approved by the board.

Under employment/transfers Regina Reynolds, was hired as Head Cross Country Coach, TCMS, effective immediately, pending CIB results; Megan Goddard, hired as Computer Coordinator, SES, effective immediately, and Math Field Day Coordinator, SES; Richard Long, hired as Assistant Volleyball Coach, TCMS, effective immediately; and Robert O. Jones, III, hired as Assistant Baseball Coach, TCHS, effective immediately.

The position of Social Studies Teacher, TCMS, has not been filled but interviews are being conducted at this time.

Payment of bills were authorized and a motion to adjourn was approved. The next regular meeting of the Tyler County Board of Education will be Monday, August 6, at the board office at 7 p.m.