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Swartzmiller is revoked

By Staff | Jul 25, 2012

Home confinement status was revoked for Jeremy Swartzmiller Thursday in Tyler County Circuit Court following his admission he failed a drug screen and tested positive for marijuana, viocdin, and valium.

Swartzmiller, who was involved in an auto accident while on home confinement, admitted to responders at the scene he could not pass a urinalysis screening.

Swartzmiller was sentenced in February on one felony count, receiving stolen property. At that time he asked for and was granted home confinement by Judge David W. Hummel, Jr. in order to help take care of his mother, who had health problems. Swartzmiller admitted his actions to the court, saying he had knowingly purchased a stolen dirt bike, which was ultimately returned to its owner.

Refusing an earlier plea offer from the state, Swartzmiller was ordered by Judge Hummel to serve not less than one nor more than 10 years on home confinement with parole eligibility after one year, as well as monetary restitution to his victim in the amount of $1,096.13.

Swartzmiller told Judge Hummel at the revocation hearing, “It was dumb” to have been taking unprescribed prescription drugs and smoking marijuana.

“It was a calculated risk you were taking, wasn’t it?” asked the Judge. “I know you’re dumb, but why did you do it?’

Swartzmiller acknowleged he had a drug problem and told Judge Hummel he was attempting to get into drug counseling.

“How many NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings have you attended?” asked Hummel.

Swartzmiller said he hadn’t attended any meetings yet but had looked information up a few times on his computer.

“Looking for ways to beat the drug screen?” said Judge Hummel.

“No,” responded Swartzmiller.

“Yes, you were,” responded the judge.

“I’m not going to help you if you refuse to help yourself,” the judge concluded.

Swartzmiller was sentenced to complete the original sentence imposed of not less than one nor more than 10 years and was remanded into custody.