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4-H camp falls into disrepair

By Staff | May 16, 2012

4-H clubs have long been a part of Tyler County History, dating back to the 1950’s with hundreds of area youth having enjoyed their time as members of one of the largest youth organizations in the United States.

Each summer, 4-H clubs across the country attend a week long summer camp where members participate in many activities to improve their personal individual development as well as team building skills which can be utilized throughout their lives.

This year, unless the Tyler County 4-H clubs receive some needed assistance; their annual camp will not be available to them. The Tyler County 4-H Camp property is in serious disrepair and helping hands are needed to make sure camp will be held this summer.

4-H members gain much from their involvement with the club including leadership and life skills. Members participate in community club meetings, forestry and stockmen’s contests, exhibit projects at meetings and fairs and see much success through raising and selling market animals. 4-H clubs and members perform many hours of community service, and learn everyday skills by working on varied activities from animal and plant sciences to robotics.

Without the annual summer camp, many area youngsters will miss out on these fun and learning opportunities and it is a possibility that the 4-H organization in Tyler County may cease to exist in the future.

“As in any group, you have the same handful of people who volunteer to do things,” a spokesman said. “The jobs that need done are too big for us to handle on our own. We have leaking roofs, water leaking in the brick walls, windows need resealed, pipes repaired, ditches dug, gutters cleaned out, floors swept and mopped, windows washed . . . and much more. We’re asking for help.”

To help with the repairs and clean up needed at the camp, past 4-H leaders, members and other volunteers from the community are asked to show up at the camp at 10 a.m. on May 19th, ready to help. There is something for every skill level of volunteer to do.