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County prepares for Election

By Staff | May 2, 2012

Tyler County voters will head to the polls next Tuesday to cast their ballots in West Virginia’s Primary Election. Although most incumbents on the county level are running unopposed, a few contested races exist.



On the Democratic ticket, Karl Paul of Wick will compete against Charlie Delauder of Middlebourne for a spot on November’s ballot in the race for House of Delegates, District 6. Currently, this seat is held by Del. Wm. Roger Romine of Sistersville, whose name will appear on the Republican ticket.

The 6th District has been slightly changed due to redistricting, resulting from a shift in population. This occurs every 10 years when required census is taken.

Romine said, “I will no longer be representing the Wetzel County portion of Paden City and am looking forward to working with the fine people from the Arvilla area of Pleasants County.”

“It is truly an honor to represent the people of the 6th District,” commented Romine. “I serve as Minority Chair of Government Organization, Vice Minority Chair of Constitutional Revision, and am a member of Agriculture and Natural Resources.”

“I believe, for the most part, we share the same conservative values, views of the Constitution, and all amendments attached, including the Second, which is the Right to Bear Arms,” said Romine. “I believe the best government is government that is closest to the people. I look forward to sharing time with you on the campaign trail.”

Although he was born and raised in Barbour County, Democrat Charlie Delauder is a 40 year resident of Middlebourne, and retired as a public school teacher and coach. He graduated from Alderson Broaddus College and West Virginia University.

Delauder stated, “I believe that we need to focus more on what each of us has in common, rather than those things that divide us. We all want safe communities where our children and grandchildren can grow up. We want them to have jobs so they don’t have to move out of our beautiful state. We want them to have a quality education. I pledge to you that I will make our voices heard in Charleston. I want to be your voice in Charleston. I pledge to you that you will have ample opportunity to meet with me and discuss the issues that are confronting our area.”

“Now is the time to have bold brave plans for our state,” he said. “I am running because I believe that I have the bold ideas that we need to move our state forward. With all the funds that will be coming from the Marcellus Shale gas in the future we need to guarantee those funds for all West Virginians. I would sponsor a bill calling for the West Virginia Permanent fund. This fund would be allowed to accumulate dollars until a certain point is reached and then the interest would be rebated to all citizens of West Virginia. We put up with the mess and torn up roads. Everyone should benefit.”

Delauder pledges that, if elected, he will be a voice in Charleston that will not hesitate to speak out for this area. “I further pledge that if you have a problem with state government, then I will have a problem with state government. I will not rest until those problems are addressed.”

Karl Paul, a retired State employee, has also filed as a Democratic candidate for the House seat. Paul declined to be interviewed, but noted he is taking his campaign “to the field.”


Ralph H. “Doc” Boone and David “P.J.” Wells, both of Sistersville, will vie for seats on the Tyler County Board of Education as representatives from the West District. Incumbent Linda Hoover is running unopposed in the South District.

“Doc” Boone is seeking to retain his seat on the Tyler County Board of Education. He has lived and worked in Tyler County for 58 years. More commonly known as “Doc,” he practiced medicine through his primary office and hospital practice with a part-time office in Middlebourne. He also served as part-time physician for Union Carbide, Witco and GE.

He is still a member of the Board of Managers for Sistersville General Hospital.

He raised eight children, all of whom attended and graduated from the Tyler County school system. Boone was active with the various athletic programs at all levels, as a parent, team physician and coach. He provided mandatory physicals for local athletes, as well.

Following his retirement from his chosen profession 7 years ago, Boone dedicated himself to being a full-time Board of Education member, and to becoming more involved in the school system he serves.

Wells is a native and long-time resident of Tyler County, and he and his wife are graduates of the Tyler County school system. The couple’s four-year-old son, John David, attends preschool at Sistersville Elementary School.

Wells studied Agricultural Technology at Potomac State College of West Virginia University and the family attends the First Baptist Church of Sistersville, where Wells is a deacon and trustee. Wells, a local entrepreneur, owns P.J. Wells Trucking and is an advocate for “Buy Local”. Says Wells, “I spend a great amount of my earnings at local businesses of Tyler County.”

Wells commented, “I believe I would make a great candidate for Board of Education because there is a need for the younger generation with children in the school system to have a say on education. I can be an advocate for parents as well as students.”

Wells also states he is not in favor of the year-round school schedule. “I believe children need the summer to be kids and enjoy the time off before they have to join the work system,” said Wells. “(It) will also put a strong strain on the school system’s tax budget with the extra cost for the utilities, equipment, and overall cost of operation. That would in turn cause a strain on each individual family that is already on a tight budget.”

Wells remarked, “I believe that our students are our second biggest asset, God being the first.” Wells feels that academics are the most important thing taught in school, but that extracurricular activities have “lost sight of their meaning.”

“The activities have focused more on winning or losing and discouraging students to the point they quit, which teaches no good life lessons,” said Wells. “They have failed to teach students teamwork and lifelong lessons that are taught from activities ranging from football to FFA.”

“I ask you to vote for me, David P.J. Wells, for Board of Education for Tyler County. I will work for you and your students to get them what is best for them and this wonderful county that we live in,” added Wells.

Linda Hoover is a lifelong Tyler County resident and was educated in the Tyler County School system. Her late parents, J. Allen and Virginia Woodburn were also graduates of the Tyler County School system. Hoover’s grandfather served as a member of the Tyler County Board of Education near the turn of the last century.

Hoover and her husband Ron have raised three daughters, Dee Lowen and Robin Hoover of Charleston and Jenny Hoover of Wheeling. These three young ladies are also graduates of the Tyler County School system.

Hoover obtained her undergraduate degree from West Liberty State College and then continued on to West Virginia University to complete her Masters Degree in special Education.

Hoover originally served on the Tyler County Board of Education for 23 years before accepting a position as a teacher in the Tyler County School system. Hoover retired in 2004 after teaching for 20 years in Tyler County Schools. She is completing a four-year term that she began in 2004 after her retirement. She has served the past two years as president of the Tyler County Board of Education as a representative for the South District.

“I feel that the knowledge and experiences I have gained as a board member, teacher, and active church and community member give me a good insight into the inner workings of the school system as well as to the needs of students and parents of Tyler County.”


Although the race will not be determined by the Primary Election, two candidates are running for Tyler County Assessor: Democrat Michael Galluzzo and Republican Incumbent Jack Hayes.

Assessor Hayes will rely on his 7-1/2 years of ‘on the job’ experience, as well as his diverse background in labor, management, finance, negotiations and computer skills. With these qualifications, Assessor Hayes will continue to effectively serve you as your Assessor and assist taxpayers, landowners and businesses.

Hayes is a 44 year resident of Tyler County, moving here when he married Jeanie Gatrell Hayes of Deep Valley. Jack and Jean have lived in Middlebourne for 42 years but they also enjoy time spent at a 200 acre family farm on Short Run in Tyler County.

Hayes is the son of late Jack and Betty (Swiger) Hayes of Salem, WV. Both of his parents were born and raised in Shirley. Jean is the daughter of late Lawrence and Auda (Duty) Gatrell of Deep Valley. Jack and Jean’s family includes two sons, Jay and Jon and their wives and 4 grandchildren.

He accepted employment with the former Union Carbide plant in Friendly retiring after 33 years of service. Following his retirement, Hayes worked for Pickering and Associates of Parkersburg as a contract trainer of Instrument Mechanics at OSi. He has served as Tyler County Assessor since being elected to the office in 2004.

When elected as Assessor, Hayes devoted himself to learning all aspects of the Assessor’s Office. Assessor Hayes has attended several training sessions given by the State Tax Department. He is an active participant in the WV Assessor’s Association and the WV Association of Counties. Assessor Hayes works diligently with the Tyler County Commission and other Tyler County entities to help attract prospective businesses to Tyler County. Assessor Hayes will continue to improve Tyler County, by keeping the tax structure at a minimum, while allowing for budget needs and growth, and complying with WV law.

“I look forward to serving the people of Tyler County and to the ongoing challenges in the office of Assessor. I thank you for your consideration and ask for your vote for the Republican nomination, and the opportunity to continue to serve you as your Assessor,” Hayes stated. “Let your voice be heard. Vote in the May 8th primary. Early Courthouse voting starts April 25. And, if you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 304-758-4749.”

Galluzzo is a 32-year employee of Ogden Newspapers, Inc., where he started his career as an advertising salesman for the Tyler Star News in the Tyler County area. In 1984, he was named advertising manager of the weekly newspaper and its sister publication the Wetzel Chronicle.

In 1992, he was named general manager of both weekly publications overseeing the management of 12 employees responsible for news coverage, circulation and advertising sales in the Tyler-Wetzel county areas.

He currently works for the company as an advertising salesman for the yellow pages division with the EZTOUSE.COM telephone directory.

“I have always had a desire to seek public office,” said Galluzzo. “My experience as manager of the local newspapers gives me a unique insight into the needs of Tyler County and its citizens. I enjoy working with the public and believe I can use my management skills and knowledge to help represent the citizens of the area.”

In addition to working for the local weekly newspapers, Galluzzo operated his own printing business in New Martinsville. He also worked for 5 years as a part-time, seasonal tax preparer for H & R Block in New Martinsville.

Galluzzo has been involved in a variety of community activities. He was one of the founding members of the Sistersville Merchants Association, serving as its president for 5 years. Later, when it became the Sistersville Community Service Organization he served for a number of years as the fireworks chairman for the annual July 4th celebration. Galluzzo was involved with the June festivals in the Middlebourne area, volunteering as parade chairman and general chairman.

As part of the Middlebourne Area Lions Club, he helped work on the annual food drive and sight conservation projects, which the club used to provide eyeglasses and eye screenings to Tyler County residents.

Galluzzo and his wife Charlene, a physical education teacher at Sistersville Elementary School, live in Middlebourne and are parents of two children and one granddaughter. The Galluzzos are members of the St. Lawrence Catholic Mission in Middlebourne, where Mike has served as a council member and Sunday school teacher.

“It will be a great honor to serve the people of Tyler County as the assessor and I will strive to work with the economic development authority and the Tyler County Commission to bring new tax revenue investment to the area,” said Galluzzo.

Galluzzo invites voters to visit his Web site, www.mike4assessor.com, for more information on his candidacy.

* * * *

Other county officials seeking re-election include: John E. Roberts, Democrat, Magistrate; Charles “Pork” Smith, Republican, County Commissioner; D. Luke Furbee, Republican, Prosecuting Attorney; Earl P. “Bob” Kendle, Jr., Republican, Sheriff; Michael Griffin, Republican, Magistrate; Thomas E. Wince, Republican, Surveyor.

Charles “Pork” Smith is a lifelong resident of Tyler County, the son of the late Harold and Marybelle Smith. Smith is a graduate of 1964 Glenville State College with a bachelor’s degree in Education. he is a retired teacher from Tyler County Schools, having taught 36 years.

Serving as commissioner for the past six years has been a rewarding experience for Smith. “Since taking officem we have been able to maintain financial stability and made significant improvements to the facilities. With the development of the Marcellus Shale drilling, while creating problems that must be dealt with, the future looks very promising for Tyler County. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the citizens of Tyler County for another six years,” stated Smith.

D. Luke Furbee is seeking election to his second term as prosecuting attorney for Tyler County.

Furbee was first elected to the office in 2008. Furbee said “It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve the citizens of Tyler County as prosecutor. I, along with my committed staff, have constantly endeavored to serve this public trust by our dedication to the fair and forthright administration of justice. I believe our record demonstrates that we are competently carrying out that mission.”

Furbee said “I am very grateful for all the support our office has had from the community and I look forward to continuing the important work of being your advocate.”

Although Sheriff Kendle is unopposed for his second term in office, he commented on the opcoming eleciton. “It has been my privilege and honor to serve the people of Tyler County for the past four years as sheriff. I would like to thank you, the voters, fp your continued support. I look forward to serving you in my second term.”

* * * *

Voters may take advantage of Early Voting at the Tyler County Courthouse on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. On Thursday, the County Clerk’s Office will observe extended hours, remaining open until 6 p.m.

Early voting will also be available Saturday, May 5 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

On Election May (May 8), polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and close a 7:30 p.m. Tyler County voting precincts are as follows:

-Precinct 1: Valley Grange Hall (Alma); State Route 18 – Alma; South District

-Precinct 2: Middlebourne Fire Hall; 311 Main Street, Middlebourne; Central District

-Precinct 3: Stealey Green Center; Dodd Street, Middlebourne; Central District

-Precinct 4: Tyler Consolidated High School; 1993 Silver Knight Drive, Middlebourne; North District

-Precinct 5: Sistersville Church of Christ (Annex); Oxford Street, Sistersville; West District

-Precinct 6: Sistersville Methodist Church, Main Street, Sistersville; West District

-Precinct 7: Shirley Fire Hall, State Route 23, Shirley; South District

-Precinct 8: Paden City (Wetzel-Tyler Health Department), 425 S. 4th Avenue, Paden City; North District

-Precinct 9: Wick United Methodist Church (Annex), Wick; South District

-Precinct 10: Boreman Elementary School, State Route 18 South, Middlebourne; South District

-Precinct 11: Friendly (Tyler Southern Baptist Church): State Route 2, Friendly; Central District

-Precinct 12: Alvy Community Building, County Route 13 (Indian Creek Road), Alvy; South District

For more information, contact the Tyler County Clerk at 304-758-2102.