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Commission appointments approved

By Staff | Jan 18, 2012

Tyler County Commission convened at the court house Jan. 10 for their regularly scheduled meeting.

The minutes of the Dec. 27 meeting were approved; there were no exonerations reported by Assessor Jackson Hayes.

The Clerk’s fiduciary report was also approved by commission, with four wills probated.

First on the commission agenda was nomination of Commission President and committee appointments. Commissioner John Stender made a motion to continue all offices and committes, with the exception of the OEM/Homeland Security being named as a separate entity for committee purposes. Formerly, OEM/Homeland Security was coupled with the 911 committee. The motion was approved.

Meeting dates for the Board of Equalization and Review were set and approved by commission: The meeting dates are: Wednesday, Feb. 1, 9 a.m.; Monday, February 6, 9 a.m.; Friday, February 10, 9 a.m.; Tuesday, Feb. 14, 10:30 a.m.; Friday, Feb. 17, 9 a.m.; and Tuesday, Feb. 21 6 p.m., which is closing date.

Sheriff Earl P. Kendle, Jr., told commission the upcoming Bullring Bonanza, to be held Memorial weekend 2012 at the Tyler County Speedway, would be incorporating some changes into the venue. Kendle also noted the event sponsors would meet with the Tyler Co. Sheriff’s Office to discuss security measures. The two-day fundraising event includes over $550,000 in prizes and cash, live musical entertainment, and World of Outlaws late model racing. The event is sponsored by Circle Track Management Team and the Tyler County Fireman’s Association. For more information visit fullforcecreations.net/_sites/bullringbonanza.net

OEM Director spoke to commission and requested approval of a motion to authorize a signature on a pending grant request for the purchase of an ATV for OEM use. OEM is asking funding in the amount of $43,300; $32,000 has already been approved.

“We have several grants pending and are waiting on approval,” concluded Cooper.

Two budget revisions were also approved by commission: one in-house, and one subject to state auditor’s approval.

In John Stender’s report, he informed commissioners that the 911 center had requested permission to install two security lights of the back of the courthouse. Permission was given. Stender also requested permission to authorize the purchase of ceiling tiles to replace damaged tiles in the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. The request was approved.

County Commissioner Eric Vincent presented numbers to commission of costs involved with building permits in floodplain areas. “I did my homework,” said Vincent. “I spoke to Wetzel County to see what their practices are.” Commissioners are comparing fees in order to determine what should be charged when issuing permits in Tyler County.

“Building and working in the floodplain area is not the biggest issue, it’s what’s left in the floodplain area after the work is completed,” explained Tom Cooper.

Commissioner President Charles “Pork” Smith noted the next meeting date for County Commission had been changed. “I want to remind everyone our next meeting is Wednesday, January 25.”

Smith also told commission he had received a letter from the State Auditor’s office concerning meeting dates for upcoming budget/fraud workshops for county officials. Commissioners will decide which workshop to attend at a later date and make arrangements for some county employees to attend.

Payment of bills was then authorized an the meeting adjourned. Those in attendance included Eric Vincent, Charles Smith, John Stender, Jackson Hayes, Earl P. Kendle, Jr., Tom Cooper, Prosecuting Attorney D. Luke Furbee, County Clerk Teresa Hamilton and Deputy Clerk Amy Glover.