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Local company helps fund PCHS wish list

By Staff | Jan 4, 2012

Pictured from left are Jay Salva, principal of PCHS, receiving a check from Frank Hunt, area manager for Steve Simpson & Associates, Inc.

At the end of the 2010-11 school year, the Local School Improvement Council (LSIC), in conjunction with with Paden City High School Principal Jay Salva, solicited requests from the faculty for items that would enhance the learning experience for their students and potentially improve the learning environment.

The LSIC and Principal Salva called it a “wish list” and set out to find funds to make the wish list come true.

What better time of year than now to find good fortune from a company that has their regional office in the Paden City Industrial Park?

When contacted, Steve Simpson, the president and owner of Steve Simpson & Associates, Inc., was very excited and happy to have the opportunity to give back to the community. This generous donation will help provide money that the Board of Education may not cover or fill the gap from funds already spent.

The original “wish list” has been whittled down from its original price tag of $20,000 by technology requisitions through the board office and generous local donors. The school continues to solicit funds and hopes to have another large donation to announce soon.

Paden City High School continues to take ordinary kids and make them extraordinary. The credit belongs to the teachers and staff, the many support groups/committees that provide money and direction, and Paden City citizens who love and respect the traditions of the green and white.