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Commissioners approve requests

By Staff | Nov 9, 2011

County commissioners approved a resolution at Tuesday’s meeting to act as fiscal agent for the Joseph’s Mills Community Association, Inc. in order to begin the process of securing grant funding for repairs and upgrades to the association’s newly acquired community building.

Dorma Baker, representing the assocation, spoke to commissioners about plans to repair the roof and install new windows to the building if funds are made available.

“The facility can be used by anyone in the county,” said Baker. “We’ve really been working hard to get it in useable condition.”

Baker told commission the assocation had held their first fundraiser, clearing $1,300 to be used for upcoming projects.

The association has repaired the belltower of the building, the former Spring Hill United Methodist Church.

“We are keeping the bell in place,” she added.

MOVRC representative Tim Meeks presented commission with the grant resolution and application for grant funding for the Joseph’s Mills Project.

“You all have gotten your ducks in a row,” commented Commission President Charles “Pork” Smith.

The grant request is for $22,500 and requires 10 per cent matching funds.

Commissioners approved the resolution and request to submit the applications.

Smith said, “This will be a benefit to the entire community. We are happy to be able to help.”

Mrs. Baker replied, “Thank you all for the good job your are doing for the county.”

In other matters, commission approved the appointment of Fred Wilcox as fiduciary commissioner, and approved a request from Sheriff Earl P. “Bob” Kendle, Jr., to acquire a new salt spreader.

“The old one is just about shot,” said Kendle.

Another grant application was approved for the 4-H grounds, to be used for improvements to the girls’ showers at county camp.

Tom Cooper, OEM director, told commissioners the grant funds for recently purchased radios had arrived and were now paid for.

Cooper also noted $6,000 in grant funds had been approved for OEM.

Under budget revisions, commission approved a transfer of a line item in the amount of $3,878 for law enforcement which will be used to pay for the retrieval of prisoners from Arizona and Oklahoma to the county.

Exonerations, clerk’s fiduicary report, and payment of bills were also approved by commission.

County Commissioner Eric Vincent, and commissioners Pork Smith and John Stender were present at the meeting, as well as County Clerk Teresa Hamilton, Deupty Clerk Amy Glover, Sheriff Bob Kendle, Dorma Baker, Tom Cooper, Tim Meeks, Jack Hayes, Tim Meeks, and Prosecuting Attorney D. Luke Furbee.