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Ostrander enters guilty plea in Tyler County

By Staff | Sep 29, 2011

A 19-year-old Proctor man pleaded guilty to indecent exposure Tuesday in Tyler County, though similar charges in Marshall and Wetzel counties remain unresolved.

Brody Ostrander appeared Monday in Tyler County Magistrate Court for a pretrial hearing and pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure. Ostrander was arrested and charged in July after an incident along W.Va. 18 near Kidwell. While still incarcerated for the first count in Tyler County, he was charged by the sheriff’s office with two counts of indecent exposure, bringing the total to three counts.

One of the three counts was dismissed Monday after Tyler County Prosecutor D. Luke Furbee said a witness was unable to make a positive identification of Ostrander in a photo array.

“Mr. Ostrander will face the consequences of his absurd behavior as a result of today’s proceedings,” remarked Furbee.

“This case was handled by Deputy Mitch Corley of the Sheriff’s Office, and he did a highly professional job.” he added.

“The July 6 charge was dismissed because the witness was unable to make a positive identification in a photo array,” Furbee added.

Ostrander was sentenced to two consecutive 90-day sentences in the North Central Regional Jail with credit for time served. Tyler County Magistrate Michael K. Griffin ordered Ostrander to report to serve his sentence Oct. 6. Griffith told Ostrander, “You must report (to NCRJ) by no later than 3 p.m.” He added, “That’s more than fair.”

Ostrander’s Tyler County incidents occurred while he was on bond in Marshall County following a series of incidents in spring 2010 in which he allegedly exposed himself to traffic along W.Va. 2 and in other areas of Marshall County. After being arrested and indicted on indecent exposure charges, Ostrander’s case had been delayed so a psychological exam could be conducted. No hearings had taken place on those charges in several months, and Ostrander was free on bond while the examination was conducted.

In July, Ostrander’s bond was revoked by Marshall County Circuit Judge David W. Hummel after Ostrander was arrested following the Tyler County incidents. Additionally, Ostrander was charged with two counts of indecent exposure in Wetzel County. Two children were among the witnesses involved in the those incidents.

After posting bond in both Tyler and Wetzel counties, Ostrander’s Marshall County bond was reinstated with the condition that he be placed on monitored home confinement.

A scheduled Marshall County hearing earlier this month was canceled with no date set to resume proceedings.