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Alleged flasher placed on home confinement

By Staff | Aug 31, 2011


A Proctor man accused of exposing himself on several occasions in Marshall, Tyler and Wetzel counties has posted bond in the latter counties, meeting the requirements to be placed on monitored home confinement.

Brody Ostrander, 19, was charged following a series of incidents in spring 2010 in which he allegedly exposed himself to traffic along W.Va. 2 and other areas of Marshall County. After being arrested and indicted on indecent exposure charges, Ostrander’s case had been delayed so that a psychological exam could be conducted. No hearings had taken place on those charges in several months, and Ostrander was free on bond while the examination was conducted.

In July, Ostrander’s bond was revoked by Marshall County Circuit Judge David W. Hummel after Ostrander was arrested by the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department for an incident along W.Va. 18 near Kidwell. Ostrander was arrested and charged with one count of indecent exposure and, unable to post bond, was taken to the North Central Regional Jail in Greenwood, W.Va. While still incarcerated for the first count in Tyler County, he was charged by the sheriff’s department with a second count of indecent exposure, bringing the total to three counts.

Following the Tyler County incidents, Ostrander was also charged with two counts of indecent exposure in Wetzel County on July 16 in which the witnesses included two children.

Earlier this month, Ostrander’s attorney, Herman Lantz, said Ostrander’s Marshall County bond was taken away because of pending charges in Tyler and Wetzel County which had nothing to do with the original Marshall County charges. He also requested Ostrander be placed on monitored home confinement.

Hummel reinstated the $5,000 bond on the condition that Ostrander be equipped with a GPS home confinement monitor. Because Marshall County does not have GPS monitoring capabilities, Hummel suggested Ostrander seek obtaining a unit from Ohio County, which would also monitor his whereabouts.

The ruling was to be contingent on Ostrander posting bond in Tyler and Wetzel counties. A Tyler County magistrate reduced Ostrander’s bond from $30,000 cash to $10,000 cash for all three charges. According to court documents, Ostrander’s parents posted $10,000 bond Aug. 15.

Additionally, court records show Ostrander posted a $1,000 surety bond Aug. 15 in Wetzel County, where he appeared for a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday. According to Wetzel County Prosecutor Tim Haught, Lantz filed a motion to continue the case, and the state did not object. However, Haught said his office will be ready to proceed when the case continues.

“Our position is that unless there is a resolution to the case, we intend to move forward to trial,” Haught said.

Ostrander is set to attend a pre-trial hearing in Tyler County at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31. His next date in Marshall County is set for Sept. 16, when further proceedings, including motions to suppress evidence, will be addressed. He is on monitored home confinement until the charges in Marshall County are resolved.