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Kitten burned at Sistersville park

By Staff | Aug 17, 2011

A small gray kitten suffered severe burns on its tail and leg after two young boys caught it on fire at the Sistersville City Park. The kitten is currently receiving vet care courtesy of the Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge.

A small, gray kitten narrowly escaped the grasp of a pair of young boys at the Sistersville City Park, thanks to the quick action of a good samaritan.

Linda Henriksen, president of the Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge, received a call from a lady who reported an incident of animal cruelty in Sistersville. “She told me there were two young boys in the area of the Sistersville Park burning a screeching kitten’s tail,” Henriksen explained. “She said she ran toward them, and they threw the kitten down and ran off. Needless to say, the poor kitten ran as well.” Henriksen noted the lady was so shaken, she hung up before leaving her name.

The kitten, who suffered burns on his tail and back leg, was later found by some people from a neighboring church, who brought it to the Olive Branch. “I would like to thank the people to brought the kitten to us, and also the lady who called to let us know what was going on,” Henriksen commented. “The kitten is being treated by a veterinarian.”

Henriksen noted the kitten’s tail was removed as a result of the injuries he sustained. “The recovery will be long, but hopefully it will go well,” she said.

“What is it with the younger generation that hurting animals is so prevalent in today’s world? Yes, this happened right here in Sistersville,” Henriksen said.

OBARR is a not for profit “no kill” organization dedicated to providing “a better quality of life” by putting an end to the cruel abuse, suffering and neglect of all animals.

All funding for the organization is made possible through the generosity of those who truly carefor the well being ofanimals.Donations may be sent to Olive Branch, P.O. Box 183, Sistersville, WV 26175, or by visitingtheFundraising Pet Supply Center at 251 Main St. in New Martinsville. Proceeds benefit the animals.