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Contestants vie for fair crowns

By Staff | Aug 3, 2011

2010 Tyler County Fair Royalty Jr. Miss Ariel Fish and Fair Queen Keri Suter

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. They dress up in their mommy’s clothes, clumsily sashay down the hallway in high-heel shoes and find almost any occasion appropriate to don a sparkling tiara. But some girls make this dream a reality by competing for pageant titles.

On Monday, Aug. 8, the Tyler County Fairgrounds will host annual pageants as part of the event’s opening day festivities. The pageantry will begin at 5:45 p.m. with the Prince and Princess contest, followed by the Jr. Miss Pageant, and will culminate in the crowning of the 2011 Tyler County Fair Queen, a bittersweet for 2010 Queen Keri Suter, as she hands her title over to the new queen.

“On Aug. 2, 2010, I was crowned your Tyler County Fair Queen, and since that day, my life has been full of excitement and unforgettable memories,” Suter said. “Day by day at the fair I met new people, all showing me what our fair means to them.”

“When you are the fair queen, everything about the fair is even more special,” she said. “I really felt as if I was treated like royalty.”

In addition to her duties at the fair, the Fair Queen also has the honor of representing Tyler County on the state level at the annual West Virginia Fairs and Festivals Pageant. Suter recalled her experience. “I met and competed against many other outstanding queens. I would like to thank members of the fair board for going to Charleston and supporting me during the phases of the competition.”

Suter also offered ‘thanks’ to Pageant Chairman Becky Wells and Angela Watson for their support and encouragement during her reign. “I could not have done it without you two!” she commented.

Not only did Suter represent the county in Charleston, but also at other events, including fair an festivals as visiting royalty, parades, banquets and gatherings throughout the community. “I love seeing the smiles appear on people’s faces, and the conversation,” she said. “I have met so many incredible people along this journey, who I am sure I will never forget.”

“Although I am very sad to say my reign as the fair queen is over, I have had a remarkable year – one I will remember forever,” Suter said. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent Tyler County.”

This year, five teens will compete for the Jr. Miss title. They are Ashley Fluharty, Marisa Gogan, Sydney Blatt, Madison Kissner and Mindy Bell. This year’s contest theme will be “Mardi Gras.” Contestants will dress in Mardi Gras attire. Judging will be based on originality and creativity of attire, ability to converse and answer questions with the interviewer, an natural poise and confidence on stage.

Four young ladies will vie for the Queen’s title. They are Linda Buck, Casey Miner, Asia Richmond nd Logan Long.

Past fair queens include: Patty Cline, 1969; Dulcia Grimes, 1970; Leslie Ann BUck, 1971; Debbie Shepherd, 1972; Brenda Lee Eddy, 1973; Deanna Mason, 1974; Charla Ann Buchanan, 1975; Jolynn Willison, 1976; Lisa Ann Miller, 1977; Karan Hillman, 1978; Tracy Moore, 1979; Melissa Wickham, 1980; Belinda Stewart, 1981; Jacqueline Williamson, 1982; Holly Spencer, 1983; Lisa Hanlin, 1984; Carla Baker, 1985; Frances Headley, 1986; Tracy Templeton, 1987; Tara Kramer, 1988; Krystal Thomas, 1989; Brandi Glover, 1990; Brandi Hunt, 1991; Stephanie Stearns, 1992; Jodi Livingston, 1993; Christina Sellers, 1994; Cassie Ferguson, 1995; Leann Williamson, 1996; Tiffany Licot, 1997; Rebecca Cooper, 1998; Julie Anne Jones, 1999; Kellie Palmer, 2000; Sharley D’Lon Henderson, 2001; Angela Rae Delancey, 2002; Brandy Headley, 2003; Myriah Hisam 2004; Lauren Patterson, 2005; Savanna Keller, 2006; Reba Collins, 2007; Megan Dennison, 2008; Melissa Sue Jackson, 2009; and Keri Suter, 2010.