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Brown, Foley lead Class of 2011

By Staff | May 25, 2011

Christopher L. Brown and Rheanna I. Foley have earned the distinction of leading the Tyler Consolidated Class of 2011 as Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively. Graduation will take place at 7 p.m. Friday in the high school gymnasium.

Christopher is the son of Amy and Stephen Brown of Middlebourne.

He attended A. I. Boreman Elementary School, after moving from Tulsa, Okla. He then attended Tyler Consolidated Middle and High Schools. His junior year he became the Treasurer of the school’s Technology Students Association and received 9th place in the national competition in Video Game Design. During his sophomore year, he was employed at Prunty’s Pharmacy of Middlebourne. During his senior year, he is again Treasurer of the TSA and is employed at Bogg’s Pizza and Grill of Middlebourne.

Christopher plans on attending West Virginia University, to major in Computer Engineering.

Rheanna is daughter of Richard and Gail Foley. She has lived with her parents and two brothers, Thomas and Patrick, in southern Tyler County her entire life.

She attended Arthur I. Boreman Elementary and then Tyler Consolidated, where she has been active in multiple sports and clubs, including cross-country, track and soccer.

She has also been a member of the school’s FFA, TSA, yearbook staff and student council.

Rheanna has held two offices in the FFA, Parliamentarian and President. She took part in many FFA activities, the most notable being her participation in the National Parliamentary Procedure Contest, the National Land Judging Contest and Homesite Evaluation Contest.

After graduation, Rheanna will attend Cornell University and major in Animal Science. She will follow a pre-vet concentration of classes and then attend either the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell of The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. Eventually, she will be part of a private or shared practive and treat a variety of large and small animals.

The seniors of the graduating class of 2011 are as follows:

Amos C. Garrett, Clifford B. Anderson, Silas B. Archer, Charlotte N. Barnhart, Kristofer A. Beaver, Nicholas H. Billiter, Nathan A. Bolin, Christopher L. Brown, Cody A. Bungard, Lynsey B. Casteel, Jaclyn D. Clark, Jenna L. Clark, Alison M. Clegg, Kourtney E. Cline, Ashley J. Cochran, Toni R. Conger, Andrew J. Cooper, Justin H. Cooper, Adam T. Cross, Shawn D. Cross, Ashley D. Davis, Kala L. Davis, Jeremy L. Dawson, Charles C. Day, Rebecca D. Dean, Devan L. Derby, Nicholas M. Eads, William J. Eastham, Joshua A. Ebert, Andrew L. Eddy, Brandon L. Eddy, Cody T. Eddy, John S. Epsilantis, Dirk J. Fletcher, Rheanna I. Foley, Craig A. Frum, Ethan M. Garrison, Tyler J. Goddard, Jamie M. Gonzalez, Amanda J. Goodfellow, Jospeh D. Goudy, Isaac H. Graham, Cody A. Grant, Bryan A. Gregg, Paige L. Grimes, Evan T. Grover, Gregory A. Gust, Daniel S. Hadley, Charles E. Hamilton, Mallory E. Hammond, Jordan L. Haught, Megan M. Haught, Daniel J. Haynes, Jeremy R. Headley, Bethany D. Heintzman, Larry D. Helmick, Lydia M. Hickman, Selena J. Hunter, Timothy M. Johnson, Boone E. Kehrer, Brice A. Kehrer, Shelby L. Kelley, Timothy E. Kernan, Legion A. Kile, Garrett L. Kissner, Zachary J. Knowlton, Roni L. Kruse, Hillary A. Lamp, Jared J. Lantz, Cody R. Laugh, Johnathon F. Leehugh, Tyler R. LeMasters, Cory B. Lowe, Sarah J. Mays, Caitlyn M. Mc Caman, Calvin E. McCune, Einar Mellem, Emily M. Moore, Carlee R. Morris, Danielle E. Morris, Nicholas R. Morris, Shae L. Parsons, Rachael L. Patterson, Ashley R. Pfohl, Bryan W. Pratt, Jessica R. Reed, Jamie L. Rhodes, Balise A. Rice, Waylon J. Rosenlieb, Phillip R. Rudder, Kenny L. Scarbro, Madeline K. Schlabowski, Joseph S. Semple, Dominic E. Shepherd, Allyson I. Smith, Jessica N. Smith, Jordan D. Smith, Kaityln M. Smith, Brittany N. Spencer, Bradford K. Stoner, Alexander J. Stout, Datota M. Stout, Heather D. Suter, Darren L. Swisher, Joshua U. Taylor, Chelsa L. Thomas, Jeremy M. Van Der Verren, Steven M. Weekley, Haley N. Weigle, Emily C. Wells, Hannah E. West, Joseph L. Wilcox, Emily S. Wildman, Curtis L. Williams, and Brian S. Worst.