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Vendor’s fair approved by Council

By Staff | May 11, 2011

Nancy Lemasters spoke on behalf of Tyler Alive at Monday’s meeting of the Sistersville City Council. The groups is working on a project they hope will draw more people to Sistersville.

Their proposal included a “vendor’s market” in the downtown area to be held every Sunday during the summer months.

“We are looking for an upscale set-up,” Lemasters explained. “Not a flea market. Each vendor would be required to have a canopy at their site.

“The Winslows would love to have this in front of their hotel,” Mayor Dave Fox interjected.

The council voted to approve the market on a trial basis. The vendor’s market will be held on Charles Street, adjacent to The Wells Inn.

Recorder Diana Mace informed the council members of a notice received from the State Tax Department. “Some vendors have failed to register with the City,” she said.

City Attorney Dean Rohrig explained there is no charge for registering with the City of Sistersville. The submission of a business license is all that is required and it serves only as a “head-count” for the city.

Businesses operating within the city limits who have not already submitted their business license have until July 1 to do so. Contact Mace at 304-652-6163 for more information.

The Sistersville City Council entertained the first reading of an ordinance “amending an ordinance adopted Nov. 10, 2008, relating to the paving of streets and assessments of abutting property owners, establishing a new rate for the community improvement fund, encumbering and dedicating portions of said fund. . .”

The proposed amendment would increase the police fee by $1 and decrease the community improvement fund line item by $1.

Because the ordinance involves the amendment of municipal fees, a public hearing will be held at a later date. Two additional ordinances will also be discussed at the meeting: an ordinance establishing offenses and fines for certain vehicle parking violations and other provisions. . .; and an ordinance establishing new rates for certain municipal services, creating rates for certain administrative services and other provisions in connection therewith.

Fire Chief Steve Leasure was on hand to inform those gathered of the need to replace one of the trucks the department utilizes. “The tank leaks, it’s open cab poses a safety risk, and it’s nickel and diming the city,” he stated.

Curtis Heintzman, who handles the finances for the council, informed Leasure he would look into the budget to give him a dollar amount the city can afford. Leasure estimated a new truck would cost between $325,000 and $360,000.

In other business, the council approved a measure to officially hire K-9 Granger. The dog was donated by the Department of Corrections last month. He has been placed with Ptlm. Bryan Owens.

The next meeting will be held on June 13 at 7 p.m.