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Commissioners discuss agenda

By Staff | May 11, 2011

Tuesday’s meeting of Tyler County Commission addressed several topics and heard from representatives of American Legion Post 67 and community resident Judy Markle.

Roger Port of Post 67, accompanied by other Legion members, addressed commission concerning the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

“The Legion places flags on all veteran’s graves in the county,” he explained. “There are ninety-nine cemeteries in Tyler County. We don’t want to see veteran’s graves go un-flagged.”

Port informed commissioners that the cost of flags was $1.35 per flag, and flag holders cost between $8-$10 apiece. “It’s an expensive project,” he noted, “but our veterans deserve the honor.”

American Legion Post 67 is a non-profit organization. “We put all our organization money back into the community,” he added. “This year we purchased 184 coats for local children and sent 10 girls and 10 boys to Girl’s State and Boy’s State. We are also the honor guard at all military funerals here in the county.”

The Legion requested a donation from commission to help with the cost of purchasing the flags and flag holders. Commission voted to allocate $1,000 to Post 67 for the project.

Community resident Judy Markle and her granddaughter, Isis Moore, spoke to commisioners concerning a spay and neuter program for felines in Tyler County. The two presented a proposal that would ‘facilitate affordable spay and neuter services and prevent animal abuse and neglect, one litter at a time.’

“There is no spay and neuter program in the county at this time,” Mrs. Markle stated. “I work full-time, but I am committed to doing this,” she added.

Mrs. Markle explained plans to operate a spay/neuter program and asked commission for five considerations. One, consent to act on behalf of Tyler County; two, access to copy machines to make fliers for the program; three, find a location to meet/unload animals that has lighting after dark; four, donation of maps of all Tyler County roads; and last, expense reimbursement for gasoline when the program is up and running.

Mrs. Markle plans to speak to community organizations to seek assistance with the program and recruit volunteers. “We already have people who are willing to volunteer for this program,” she remarked.

“I think the program has a lot of advantages,” she concluded.

Commissioners looked over the submitted proposal and agreed that the idea would benefit the county. It was agreed that access to copy machines, help with a meeting place, and maps of the county would be provided.

“We need to look into the legality of the consent to work on behalf of Tyler County,” commented Commission President Charles “Pork” Smith. “I think it’s an admirable idea, but we have to be sure that we can do that.”

The reimbursement request was tabled until further study could be made. It was suggested that fliers be made in time for the June rabies clinic to inform the public of the program.

In other business, exonerations and the fiduciary report were approved by commission, and Stender addressed commission concerning the 4-H camp water line project. Commission approved payment in the amount of $1,739.50 and are in the process of completing paperwork for reimbursement which will be paid through grant funding.

Some discussion of the P-Card program revealed that employees had been having some issues with the cards when purchasing gasoline. The problem is being addressed by the clerk’s office and County Commissioner Eric Vincent stated that he had submitted the P-Card policy to department heads. “I hope to be able to vote on the policy at next commission meeting,” he stated.

“We have also done another run-through test on the voting machines,” he added. The machines are operating correctly. It was noted that early voting was going well.

Pork Smith informed commission that grant money which was due to be un-funded has been designated to the DNR for the purchase of handicapped accessible picnic tables at Conway Lake. The tables are plastic and reinforced steel and are anchored to the ground, explained Smith.

Grant Coordinator Tim Meeks told commission he had located a company in Alabama that sold the tables and were the most competitively priced. The company, Commercial Site Furnishings, will provide 10 tables at a cost of $9,213, including shipping and handling. Commission voted to allocate the funds for the tables and pay the shipping and handling fees.

Meeks next noted that some $5,500 in grant funds from the water project were available to the 4-H campgrounds. Commission voted for a resolution to change the scope of the grant to include electrical work at the grounds.

Commissioner Vincent then noted that in last meeting’s report, money to the Foster Grandparent program was allocated in the amount of $750. The amount was listed in error in the Tyler Star News as $5,000.

Those present at Tuesday’s meeting included: County Clerk Teresa Hamilton, Deputy Clerk Amy Glover, Assessor Jack Hayes, Sheriff Earl Kendle, Jr., D. Luke Furbee, John Stender, Pork Smith, Eric Vincent, Colin Doid of the VFW, and American Legion Post 67 members Roger Port, Conley W. Yost, and Ray Tarnecki.