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Sheriff shares March report

By Staff | Apr 13, 2011

Tyler County Sheriff Earl P. Kendle, Jr. has released the following report for the month of March.

Deputies traveled 9,131 miles, served 223 man-hours of court bailiff duty, served 101 magistrate court papers, and 91 circuit court papers. Ninety-three complaints were received, 8 auto accidents investigated, 7 home confinements monitored, one stolen car recovered, and $4,000 in stolen property was recovered. Deputies assisted one motorist and performed three miscellaneous assists.

A total for 15 trips were made by officers during the month. They included 8 trips to North Central Regional Jail, 2 trips to Moundsville, and one each to Wheeling, Vienna, Parkersburg, Sharpes Hospital, and Huntsville, Ala.

Deputies examined a total of 28 criminal investigations, including domestic violence, 8; cruelty to animals, 3; suspicious subject, 2; suicidal subject, 2; and one each, alarm activation; burglary; unattended death; petit larceny; child abuse/neglect; prohibited person in possession of a firearm; and harassing phone call.

Twenty-nine felony/misdemeanor arrests were made, including: conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, 5; delivery of marijuana, 3; grand larceny, 3; distribution of a controlled substance, 3; forgery, 2; burglary, 2; worthless check, 2; allowing animals to run at large, 2; uttering a forged check, 2; domestic battery,2; and one each, domestic assault; prohibited person in possession of a firearm; and conspiracy to operate a clandestine methamphetamine lab.

Thirteen traffic citations were issued, including: speeding, 3; no proof of insurance, 3; driving on suspended/revoked license, 2; and one each, DUIA; following too close; improper use of registration plate; leaving the scene of an accident; and no operators license.