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Poll workers appointed

By Staff | Mar 23, 2011

Tyler County Commission approved the appointments of poll workers and alternates for the upcoming special primary elections in Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Poll workers for Precinct 1, Valley Grange are: Wanda Tennant (R), Charity Hadley (R), Debbie Kimball (D), Sherry Eddy (R), and Carolyn Cantor (D).

Precinct 2, Middlebourne Fire Hall poll workers are: Patricia Dever (R), Kenneth Hartman (D), Donna Mead (D), Caroline Hartman (R), and Heather Seago (D).

Stealey Green Center, Precinct 3 workers are: Bobbi Sue George (R), Cathy Post (R), Kahla Wright (D), Karen Baker (R) and Dari Bradfield (D).

Precinct 4, Tyler Consolidated workers are: Clista Heintzaman (R), Betty Ruth Rush (R), Paula Ferrell (D), Sandy Hubbard (R) and Pam Glover (D).

Precinct 5, Sistersville Church of Christ poll workers include: Janet Hadley (R), Helen Bolen (R), Polly Kemp (D), Ruth Wells (R), and Liz Taylor (D).

Sistersville Methodist Church, Precinct 6 poll workers are: Mary Claire Bohrer (R), Linda Eagle (R), Hannah Thomas (D), Connie Heintzman (R) and David Wickham (D).

Precinct 7, Shirley poll workers are: Judy Kinney (D), Violet Jeffers (R), Judith Malloy (R) S, Paula Wright (D) and Phyllis Smith (R).

Precinct 8, Paden City poll workers include: Mary Belle Pittman (D), Barbara Mead (R), Michael Cross (R) S, Jake Roberts (D) and Darla Henderson (R).

Precinct 9, Wick poll workers are: Wilma Monroe (D), Carolyn Anderson (R) S, Bill Monroe (D) and Amanda Wise (NP).

Precinct 10, Boreman workers are as follows: Shannon Wright (R), Jennifer Seckman (R), Debbie Miller (D), Michelle Thomas (R) S, and Naomi Baker (D).

Precinct 11, Friendly poll workers are: Jim Menges (D) S, Sandy Menges (D) E, Janella Broughman (R), Yvonne Starkey (D) and Tracy Bell (R).

Precinct 12, Alvy workers are: Donnella Tustin (D), Michelle Doak (R), Barry Doak (R) S, Lenna Eureka (D) and Peggy George (R).

Early voting commissioners are Betty Ruth Rush and Yvonne Starkey. Alternates are Judy Burgess and Meagan Dennison.

County Commissioner Eric Vincent, President Charles “Pork” Smith and Vice President John Stender approved the minutes, exonerations and the clerk’s fiduciary report before hearing comments from Katy Wells. Wells submitted a quote to commission for installation of ambulance radios, which needs to be done in order to be in compliance with WESCOM. Wells did not submit a request for funds at this time.

Linda Hendriksen and Maranda Huffman next updated commission on Olive Branch’s efforts to secure an animal shelter for the area.

Eric Vincent then presented his report to commission, stating that the budget considerations are underway. “The budget is coming along,” he commented, adding, “some decisions have been made.”

” I want to thank all the departments for getting their information to us,” he concluded. One budget session was completed March 17 and another one is planned.

“The spring projects at the 4-H campgrounds are in progress,” John Stender informed the group. “They have set a clean-up day and getting ready for summer activities.”

Stender went on to tell commission that he had been contacted by the Garden Club concerning a project at the old Tyler County High School grounds. “They are interested in helping a club at the high school (TCHS) who want to apply for grant funding.”

Money sought by the group is for the beautification of the grounds around the building. “With the Main Street Revitalization Project set to begin, they feel that they want to do something to enhance the look of the high school location,” explained Stender. “They have requested that commission send a letter of recommendation to the grantors, and I think we can support that, he added. Commission approved the matter.

Charles “Pork” Smith spoke to commission concerning the resignation of Lynn Caseman from the building commission. “He cited personal reasons, but feels the building commission is a worthy endeavor. He cannot continue in his position at this time, however.” Commission accepted Caseman’s resignation and further approved that a search for a replacement commence by the next meeting.

Commission then discussed the re-assignment of committees that had previously been approved. An updated list will be created.

Commission approved the payment of bills and adjourned the meeting. Assistant County Clerk Kristen Wise took the minutes and gave the clerk’s report in place of County Clerk Teresa Hamilton, who was in a training class for the upcoming elections.