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Marble King earns certification

By Staff | Jan 5, 2011

A local manufacturing company has earned the distinction of becoming the first U.S. Children’s Toy manufacturer to be granted license and unique USA-C ID: WV0AA.0075, to use the Made in USA Certified Seal.

Made in USA Certified, Inc., proudly announces that Marble King, Incorporated has successfully completed the Made in USA Certified proprietary audit process.

The guidelines utilized in the analysis of the product and its origin meet and exceed those of the U.S. Government and the Federal Trade Commission. The Made in USA Certified Seal assures consumers the ‘made in USA’ claim is true and verifiable.

Marble King manufactures almost a million marbles each day in Paden City. Their marbles are known for their high quality standards. Most of Marble King’s marbles are made using recycled glass from WV Glass Factories. Marble King is the corporate sponsor of The National Marbles Tournament held each June in Wildwood, NJ. The Tournament is for children ages 7-14 and college scholarships are awarded to the winners. Marble King has been featured on “John Ratzenberger’s Made In America” on the Travel Channel, “Some Assembly Required” on the Discovery Channel and most recently on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and The Martha Stewart Show on The Hallmark Channel.

Marble King’s President & CEO, Beri Fox, said, “Marble King is pleased to be the first Children’s Toy Manufacturer to be ‘made in the USA’ certified.”

Co-Founder/President of Made in USA Certified, Inc., Julie Reiser said, “Marble King’s steadfast commitment to manufacturing Toys in the U.S. is an example for U.S. Manufacturers to follow. Marble King’sMarbles will surely be in demand by children and their parents for a safe alternative to imported Children Toys.”

Marble King currently manufacturers over a million marbles each day. They operate seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

Berry Pink and Sellers Peltier founded Marble King in 1949. Pink was a successful businessman and loved to interact with children. The marbles sold under the Marble King header in the 30’s and early 40’s were actually manufactured by Peltier Glass. By the late 1940’s, Pink was selling more marbles than Peltier could produce. They joined forces and formed another manufacturing facility in which Pink held the majority of shares. Berry Pink traveled throughout the country hosting marble tournaments and giving away several marbles at each stop. He became known as “The Marble King”. That’s how the company got its name when it was founded in December 1949.

Marble King was originally located in St. Marys, West Virginia. In January of 1958 a fire destroyed the factory. Roger Howdyshell, who managed the Marble King facility, moved the company to Paden City where it still remains today.

Howdyshell was a very innovative man who left his mark on the marble industry in many ways. He led Marble King to the forefront when he manufactured the first American made Cat’s Eye marbles. He also developed a process called “veneering” marbles. In this process, you could use less expensive glass as base glass and put a thin coating on the exterior surface to give the marble color.

In 1983, Howdyshell bought Marble King. He had dedicated his life to the industry and truly loved it. He continued to operate the facility until his death in 1991.

Today, Marble King continues to be owned and operated by the Howdyshell family. Marble King marbles are used in marble games, board games, decorative vases, spray paint cans and other industrial applications. Our marbles have been featured in movies like Goonies, Hook and Home Alone. Marble King continues to be the leader in marble production shipping its marbles worldwide.

In 2000, Marble King received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Marble King has been a contributing sponsor and supporter of The National Marble Tournament since 1968. A college scholarship is awarded each year at the tournament, compliments of Marble King.