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Commissioners hold their regular meeting

By Staff | Aug 11, 2010

Grant Coordinator Tim Meeks of the MId Ohio Valley Regional Council was on hand at the Tyler County Commission meeting on Tuesday morning to deliver some updates.

Meeks informed the commissioners that he spoke with Dominique Cerrone from Cerrone and Associates and the warranty has expired on the gutters on the courthouse structure which were replaced approximately five years ago.

The gutter that needs to be replaced is 100-foot long section. Apparently, the hangers that hold the gutters to the roof have come loose making the gutters hang down.

Vice President John Stender said something needs to be done before winter. He said they are still waiting on bids for the gutter replacement.

Meeks also talked about the clock tower restoration. He stated he received several invoices from Coon Construction totaling $35,156.75 and one for the amount of $250 from Cerrone and Associates. The drawdown to cover the invoices was approved for the amount of $81,588.

Under Stender’s report, he said he received an estimate from the Magistrate’s Office to replace the women’s bathroom floor. The estimate was from Biddle Construction in the amount of $674.

Commission President Charles “Pork” Smith reported that the Office of Emergency Management received a grant to purchase a boat in the amount of $50,000. The boat will be docked at Sistersville until a ramp is constructed at the Bens Run site.

Smith also reported that the Regional Hazard map in the office of emergency management is finished and said the public is welcome to come to the office and view it.

Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle also attended the meeting to ask the commission for extra help from the area police departments for the Black Diamond 125 race at the Tyler County Speedway scheduled to take place over Labor Day weekend. The measure was approved.

The next regular meeting will be held at 9 a.m. after the election canvass on August 31.