"David West and Gary Kursul have done an excellent job," stated Lowe. "They are here to see that the job is done on time."/>
"David West and Gary Kursul have done an excellent job," stated Lowe. "They are here to see that the job is done on time."/> Lowe: Projects will be completed on time | News, Sports, Jobs - Tyler Star News
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Lowe: Projects will be completed on time

By Staff | Jul 21, 2010

“Fifty to 70 percent of the job is done,” explained Fritz Lowe in regard to a project. Lowe once again attended the most recent Board of Education to give updates on the ongoing air conditioning project in all the Tyler County Schools. The deadline for the project is Aug. 15 and Lowe stressed to the members that he sees no problem meeting the deadline.

“David West and Gary Kursul have done an excellent job,” stated Lowe. “They are here to see that the job is done on time.”

Seaman’s Air Conditioning has been in business for nearly 50 years and has built a reputation for quality. They will perform equipment inspections, start up and shut down of systems, and air balance reports. Their goal is to reduce down time, save on energy costs and costly minimize the occurrences of breakdowns by providing a planned maintenance program of optimizing HVAC and refrigeration systems along with 24-hour service from certified technicians.

The company provides design/build mechanical solutions for commercial building and office complexes, medical facilities and schools, industrial and institutional facilities. By coordinating the mechanical portion of the project from beginning to end, the facility will receive the best designed and installed system tailored for there needs. The result will be a high quality, cost effective system completed on a fast-track basis.

Each unit will be run by a computer and Seaman’s will replace the computers to keep up with the technology.Board member Ken Hunt expressed his concerns about the manual override on the new systems. “What if someone turns off one of the units, and they are working on a fan on top of the building and someone comes by and sees that it is off and turns it back on?” said Hunt.

Lowe said that each unit will have dual lockouts, which means there will be one at each circuit breaker, plus one at each unit to ensure there are no accidents.

Superintendent Robin Daquilante stated there will be day and evening training sessions to teach maintenance and personal what to do in case of a problem. “I would rather have one more person trained than be short a person,” said Daquilante.

Lowe also stated to the board there will be a detailed map at each point and Davis Electric is going to make sure everything is tagged. They are also is going to put weather guards on all the cords to make them weather proof.

In other business, Daquilante reported on the results of the State FFA Convention. She stated that some of the students are going on to National in Indianapolis, Ind. in the fall.

Melinda Walton, director of Special Education, requested permission to destroy special education records that no longer need to be maintained. The records are kept for five years. Walton also requested approval of Interagency Agreements between Tyler County Schools and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Tyler County Schools and West Virginia Birth to Three Program. Permission was granted for both requests.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Aug. 2.