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Sherman sentenced

By Staff | Jul 7, 2010

Robert L. Sherman, 59, of Smith Ridge Road, convicted by a Tyler County petit jury in April 2010 of felony manufacturing a schedule I controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a schedule I controlled substance (marijuana), was sentenced to not less than one nor more than 5 years imprisonment on the felony and 90 days in the Regional Jail on the misdemeanor, to be served concurrently, by Judge Mark Karl on July 1.

Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee commented on the ruling, “This case should be a cautionary message to those who insist on putting the county to the expense of a trial for no good reason. The evidence against him was overwhelming, and although he was offered home confinement if head pled guilty, he decided to roll the dice. I suspect his refusal to accept the responsibility highly informed the Court’s sentencing decision.”