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Selfless service earns Day honors

By Staff | Jun 2, 2010

Staff Sergeant Bryan R. Day, Sr. of Tyler County has been named as an official member of the United States Army’s Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC).

The SAMC is an organization, established in 1986, of non-commissioned officers whose performance and leadership qualities mirror those of Sergeant Audie Murphy, the highest decorated soldier in American History.

“You Lead From the Front”, is the proud motto of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club. and on April 17 in COS Marez, Iraq, 16 NCO’s were recognized in a moving ceremony, including SSgt. Day.

Their dedication to duty, selfless service, performance and leadership qualities, characterized by Sgt. Murphy, and their daily demonstration of the great personal concern of the needs and welfare of their soldiers and their families earned these NCO’s this great recognition.

“I’m very, very honored,” Day said. “I never imagined that I would ever receive an award as prestigious as this. I’m proud to be a part of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.”

During the induction ceremony into the club, troops serving directly under the NCO’s recognized their superiors by giving short speeches as to why they believe the NCO’s were selected to be part of the SAMC.

Speaking for Day was Specialist Marvin Wietrzykowski, one of his troops.

“Staff Sargent Bryan Day is my Sgt. Murphy because he is an outstanding NCO that made me a better individual,” said Wietrzykowski.

“I’ve known him for about two and half years now and have looked up to him for many reasons. First of all, he always puts his troops first. If he feels a soldier is being treated unjust, he’ll put a stop to it even if it puts the heat on him.”

“He also knows his own strengths and weaknesses. For example, if a soldier knows more about a task than he does, he’ll put them in charge to complete the task, regardless of their rank. A lot of NCO’s I’ve met would die before admitting that a private or specialist knew more about a job than they do.”

“And last but not least, he is a good friend to his troops. His door is always open if they need a guy to talk to.”

SSgt. Day has served two tours in Iraq and is part of the 115th En Co, 779th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade.

The father of three children, SSgt. Day, his wife Thelma, and family reside in Friendly.