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Regeic sentenced in felony case

By Staff | May 5, 2010

On April 29, James F. Regeic withdrew his plea of innocence and pleaded guilty to three counts in a six count indictment against him.

Regeic, 20, of Rd. 1 Box 86B, Glen Easton, W.Va., pleaded guilty to the felony charge of grand larceny, felony of fleeing from a police officer in a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and misdemeanor of driving under the influence of alcohol and any other drugs all to have allegedly occurred on May 16, 2009.

Regiec signed a written plea agreement and his attorney, Paul J. Harris, presented it to Judge Mark A. Karl. After Karl read the letter, Harris stated that his client wished to proceed with his sentencing.

Regiec recounted the events that lead up to the incidents in quiestion. “I met my friends at the party and they gave me some mushrooms and told me to make them laugh. I left the party and was driving through Middlebourne when I wrecked my vehicle,” said Regiec.

“When some guy stopped to help me, I got in his car and drove away. I then went to Sistersville, went into a house I thought was my grandmother’s house and when I left the house, I was arrested,” stated Regeic.

Harris told the court he believes this was a one time occurrence with his client.

Regiec ‘s sentence was suspended and he was placed on two years probation and ordered to pay restitution in the amount $1,229.64 to State Farm Insurance Company and $2,221 to the owner of the home he broke into.

Also appearing before Karl was Timothy J. Lasure, 32, of HC 67 Box 19B, West Union.

Lasure was charged with breaking without entering and petit larceny.

At a court appearance on April 13, a motion for discovery was filed. On April 29 his attorney, David C. White, filed a motion for disclosure of witnesses.

Lasure’s bond was continued and is to return on May 20 at 1:30 p.m.

Joshua T. Jenkins, 27, of Parkersburg, appeared in front of Karl. He is charged with the felony of delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver to have allegedly occurred in July 2008.

After an off record conversation between Jenkins’ attorney and Judge Karl, the matter was moved to May 20 at 1:30 p.m.

Jenkins was released on his former bond.

James Lee Smith Sr. also appeared in court.

Smith, no age given, of HC 60 Box 130 AA, Middlebourne, is charged with the felony of manufacturing of a controlled substance.

Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee made the motion to file state’s discovery response. Smith’s bond was continued and is to return on May 20 at 1:30 p.m.