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Pumpkin growers share secrets

By Staff | Apr 28, 2010

Giant pumpkin growers and wanna-be giant pumpkin growers alike gathered on April 11 for a “Giant pumpkin growing seminar” at the log building at the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Several persons were in attendance to listen to the ins-and-outs of pumpkin growing from local experts as well as guest speaker, Don Chambers of Warwood, W.Va..

Everything from soil preparation and plant care to watering, insecticides and pollination was discussed at length in an informal, question and answer format.

Because growing the “giants” is becoming a popular hobby for enthusiasts, local grower Ron Boor, is offering free plants to anyone wishing to grow their own.

Atlantic Giant pumpkin plants from locally grown champions, will be available at no cost from May 1-15. Free instructions and growth charts will come with the plants.

For more information, or to get a free plant to grow your own giant pumpkin, contact Boor at 304-758-4825.